Lawbreaking Lawmaker Passes On Legacy of Killing

Reprinted from The FUNdamentalist (May 1996)

In the Jan/Feb FUN we reported how west Michigan State Rep. Leon Stille bragged about violating speed laws, and urged others to violate speed laws, despite knowing that increased injury and death was the inevitable result. Stille also advocated modifying those laws, knowing that doing so would sanction increased death and injury.

Now we learn that Leon Stille’s daughter, Kristina Lee Stille, rammed cos car into another car with the result that the driver of the other car was killed. Stille had apparently been drinking prior to the crash.

Moreover, Kristina Stille apparently bad been in two previous crashes (“accidents”, according to Grand Rapids Press terminology). One of those bad injured two people.

Leon Stille commented, ”We’re just absolutely devastated for their family and for ours.” But there was no indication that their “devastation” resulted in any rethinking of cos support for higher speeds for the lethal vehicles that this family uses regularly and apparently takes for granted. One more person dead- too bad; on with business as usual.

We bet that Kristina Lee Stille will not get a long prison sentence for this murder. In fact, we bet co will get no jail or prison time whatsoever. The family is White, prominent, and is making “appropriate” noises of remorse for this “tragedy”.