Neo-Nazis Protest Barack Obama

In a stark reminder that organized racism has a strong presence in Michigan, The Michigan Messenger reported that “Two white males, one wearing a red shirt with a swastika and the other wearing a Knight of the Ku Klux Klan t-shirt are standing across from the Van Andel Arena, jeering at people as they emerge from the Arena after Barack Obama’s campaign event.”

A picture of the two men from the Michigan Messenger:


The two appear to be either members or former members of the Michigan Unit of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), one of the largest neo-Nazi groups in the United States. The man in the swastika t-shirt attended a white supremacist rally last year in Kalamazoo and is the vocalist for the neo-Nazi band Total War:


The other man appears to be Dan Hill, the leader of the Michigan NSM. Here’s Hill at an NSM rally in Madison:


The NSM has maintained an active presence in Michigan for several years and recently moved its national headquarters to Detroit. To read more about the NSM’s ideology, see the article titled “National Socialist Movement (NSM) Advocates for White Society Excluding Jewish, Homosexual, and ‘Non-White’ Peoples .”

MSU YAF Member Played Key Role in Organizing Neo-Nazi Visit

Kyle Bristow, a controversial student activist at Michigan State University and a former chair person of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, was actively involved in organizing a recent speaking engagement by Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm.

Last week Friday, reprinted an announcement from Michigan Against White Supremacy indicating that Canadian neo-Nazi Paul Fromm would be speaking in Lansing. When the announcement was made, Michigan Against White Supremacy said it believed that Kyle Bristow, a current member and former chair of Michigan State University’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), and Evan Thomas, an active white supremacist in Michigan, had organized Fromm’s visit.

A post by YAF-Watch, a blog tracking Michigan State’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, confirmed that Kyle Bristow was there, along with the current chair of MSU YAF, Matt Ogonowski. Photos submitted to also show Bristow in attendance:


However, Bristow did far more than just attend the event–he actively organized it. Messages from Facebook–an online social networking website–show Bristow had an active role in organizing the event. A message from Bristow submitted to said “Don’t tell anyone, but there are two private events that are going to be in the Lansing area that I wanted to let you know about. The first will occur on April 12. Paul Fromm will be speaking (along with me!) on the issue of how right-wingers can build a movement.” Bristow later wrote “It is a word-of-mouth kind of thing only. We don’t want the leftists knowing about them.”

Bristow appears to have collaborated on the event with Evan Thomas, a white supremacist in Michigan. Back in October of 2007, reported that Evan Thomas attended a YAF event and reportedly ate dinner with the featured speaker, Nick Griffin, afterwards. In addition to organizing speaking engagements for a variety of racist organizations here in Michigan, Thomas has been active on the national level, speaking at racist gatherings and even providing musical entertainment (he is apparently an accomplished musician and has played at events organized by the white supremacist National Coalition). Thomas–who made the reservations under the name “Evan Kuettner”–is pictured here outside of the canceled Paul Fromm speaking engagement:


Essentially, the Paul Fromm event–while cancelled due to the efforts of Michigan Against White Supremacy–shows that Kyle Bristow has firmly aligned himself with the racist movement and has collaborated with a Michigan white supremacist to co-organize an event. He even took the usual approach of running the event as a “private meeting” and making no announcement of its public location. Of course, this should not be a surprise to anyone that has followed Bristow and Young Americans for Freedom over the past several months. The organization brought Nick Griffin, a British fascist, to Michigan State University as part of a speaking tour organized by a white supremacist and attempted to bring another prominent white supremacist, Jared Taylor, to the school.

Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm in Lansing for Third Time

Paul Fromm–a Canadian neo-Nazi who was scheduled to speak in Lansing today–is no stranger to Michigan. He has appeared in the state at least three times in the past few years as part of his ongoing involvement with the racist right.

Yesterday, Michigan Against White Supremacy announced that Paul Fromm–a prominent Canadian neo-Nazi and racist–was speaking today in Lansing. While the group attached links to more information about Fromm, felt it was important to provide (a bit more detail) on Fromm’s background, the groups with whom he has worked, and his history of involvement in the racist right.

While a Canadian racist may seem outside of the purview of what we usually cover, this is at least the third time that Fromm has spoken in Michigan. In the fall of 2006, he spoke at a meeting organized by the European American Association and in August of 2007, he spoke at a conference organized by the Council of Conservative Citizens. In both cases, his appearances seem to have been organized by Evan Thomas, a racist organizer based in Michigan who has a long history of organizing in Michigan. Thomas is pictured below with Fromm (note: the “myself” in the caption does not refer to the author of this article):


Michigan Against White Supremacy has reported that Thomas booked Fromm’s appearance today in Lansing.

For those of us living in Michigan or the United States more generally, Paul Fromm’s name is not particularly familiar. Even among folks that follow the racist right, Fromm has not been investigated thoroughly. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center has generally only mentioned Fromm in passing, focusing on his involvement in lectures organized by others–such as David Duke (pictured below)–rather than for his politics. Given the number of times that Fromm has appeared in the United States–at gatherings organized by groups such as North East White Pride, American Renaissance, and the US Taxpayers Party–his activities merit more attention.


Paul Fromm has a long history of involvement with the racist right in Canada. In the 1960s and 1970s, he founded three groups: the Edmund Burke Society, the Canadian Association for Free Expression, and Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform. The Edmund Burke Society, which he co-founded while still in college, was allegedly morphed into the openly Nazi Western Guard Party that fell apart in the 1980s. However, Fromm’s Canadian Association for Free Expression and Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform are still active. The Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) has opposed the Canadian Human Rights Commission and has defended a variety of racists, including Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. Citizens for Foreign Aide Reform (C-FAR) advocates racist restrictions on immigration and foreign aid. He also founded the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee that advocates reduced immigration and opposes immigration by people of color.

During Fromm’s life, he has also sought to enter mainstream politics. While these attempts have often been overshadowed by his involvement in racist groups like the Heritage Front, Fromm has pursued electoral office in varying capacities. In 1976, he was elected to the Metro Toronto School Board and in the 1980s; he was involved with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. He was asked to resign his position in the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada after he made statements in the media in which he said he thought breeding a “supreme race” for intelligence was a good idea and calling for Vietnamese refugees to be sent to “desert islands” off the Philippines and Indonesia rather than be accepted into Canada where they would “upset the racial balance.” In the 1990s, he was involved in the Reform Party of Canada but was asked to “disassociate” after members complained about racist comments in his speeches. Throughout this period, Fromm continued to be involved in the racist right and spoke at events including a celebration of Adolph Hitler’s birthday.

More recently in 2007, Paul Fromm spoke to the Aryan Guards–a neo-Nazi group based in Calgary, Alberta:


Fromm, who is holding the upper left corner of the flag in the picture, praised the group saying:

“There’s a new group of young folks in Calgary who call themselves ‘The Aryan Guard.’ The name may be a little in-your-face and dramatic, but these folks have acted responsibly staging a peaceful protest against “anti-racists,” leafleting about uncontrolled immigration, and, most recently, protesting against Moslem women being allowed to vote disguised in burkas.”

Fromm–who was fired from his teaching position in 1997 after being reprimanded and transferred after videos showing him speaking at white supremacist rallies–also recently had his teaching certificate revoked ( The Ontario College of Teachers said that Fromm’s involvement in the racist right was an embarrassment to his profession and ran contrary to the values of the Canadian educational system.

However, it’s not just the Canadian and United States racist right with whom Fromm has been involved. He has also spoken to the Friends of the British National Party, a group based in the United States that provides support to the fascist British National Party (BNP). Here’s Fromm addressing the group (note the “white pride” flag on his left):


Fromm–who may try to deny that he is a racist or a “Nazi”–is clearly a part of the racist right and has worked with many groups and individuals who are openly a part of that movement. Given his numerous appearances in Michigan, it’s important that folks be familiar with him in order to counter his message of racism and oppression more effectively.

Racist Paul Fromm Speaking in Lansing Tomorrow

Michigan Against White Supremacy has issued the following announcement indicating that prominent Canadian racist Paul Fromm will be speaking in Lansing tomorrow. The event is reportedly being organized by Kyle Bristow, the chair of Michigan State University’s (MSU) Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and Evan Thomas. Thomas is a racist who has in the past attended an event organized by Bristow.

The Michigan Against White Supremacy announcement is printed below:

Saturday, April 12th, Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm will be speaking at the Cadillac Club in Lansing.

Fromm is major leader in the Canadian racist scene. Fromm has attended white supremacist meetings including one held to mark the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s death; shouted “Scalp him!” at a meeting where a representative of the Native Canadian Centre was speaking; attended meetings and delivered speeches alongside well-known racists like American David Duke and Holocaust denier David Irving.

The Cadillac Club is owned by David Sheets, a Lansing businessman involved in local Republican politics. Sheets has been informed of who Paul Fromm is and has refused to cancel the event. Sheets has stated that “This event doesn’t effect him” and that “He doesn’t care if people know the event is happening at the Cadillac Club or not”. David Sheets has chosen to give white supremacists a venue for their bigotry and hate.

The Paul Fromm event will be a gathering of racists from around the state. Local racists Kyle Bristow and Evan Thomas (Cutner) are suspected of being involved in bringing Fromm to Lansing.

What You can do:

1. Picket the Cadillac Club and Paul Fromm:

Saturday April 12th

3:30pm – 4:30pm

Cadillac Club

1115 S Washington Ave

Lansing, MI 48910

2. Call the Cadillac Club and David Sheets demanding they cancel the event. Please do this between 11am and 3pm. Feel free to tell them what you think about local businesses that host white supremacist speakers.

Cadillac Club

(517) 853-1915

David Sheets’ office

(517) 371-2843

During these hard economic times when we should be uniting, Paul Fromm & David Sheets are dividing our community. Please join us in our opposition to Fromm’s Hate Speech and David Sheets’ complicity in that hatred. Help us send the message that hatred and bigotry have no place in our community.

In struggle,

Michigan Against White Supremacy

For more information on Paul Fromm:

Who is Paul Fromm

Background on Paul Fromm

SPLC article on Paul Fromm losing his teaching certificate

Hate Group List Includes 26 Groups in Michigan

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released its annual list of “hate groups” in the United States, identifying 888 active racist, fascist, and anti-Semitic groups across the country. Of the groups identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center, 26 are located in Michigan. With the exception of Ohio, Michigan has the largest number of hate groups in the Great Lakes region.

The Southern Poverty Law Center described a “hate group” as one that has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” They further add that:

“Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing. Websites appearing to be merely the work of a single individual, rather than the publication of a group, are not included in this list. Listing here does not imply a group advocates or engages in violence or other criminal activity.”

Over the past few years, several of these groups have been written about on, especially in our “Far Right in West Michigan” database. The groups located in West Michigan include:

* The Council of Conservative Citizens – Caledonia

* National Socialist Movement (NSM) located in Grand Rapids

* White Voices of America – Grand Haven

The rest of the groups listed include:

* American National Socialist Workers’ Party – Jackson

* American Nazi Party – Westland

* Brotherhood of Klans Knights Ku Klux Klan – Ironwood

* By Yahweh’s Design – Stevensville

* Charles Darwin Research Institute – Port Huron

* Nation of Islam – Detroit

* National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

* National Socialist Aryan Order – Davison

* National Socialist Movement – Detroit

* Northern Hammerskins – Detroit

* NS Publications – Wyandotte

* United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan – Fraser

* Volksfront – Detroit

* Yahweh’s Truth – Essexville

* Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University – Lansing

In addition, there are various other groups that don’t have specific jurisdictions including the Imperial Klans of America, National Vanguard, the Romanian National Vanguard, and chapters of the National Socialist Movement.

Racist Speech at MSU was Cancelled due to Pressure from National Conservative Group

Michigan State University’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom has announced that their planned speech by Jared Taylor–a prominent “scientific racist”–was cancelled due in part from pressures from the national Young Americans for Freedom organization.

Kyle Bristow, the former chair of Michigan State University’s Young Americans for Freedom (MSU-YAF), has written an article (appearing on the racist American Renaissance website) explaining why a planned speech by Jared Taylor–a prominent “scientific racist”–was unexpectedly cancelled. In it, Bristow explains that the national Young Americans for Freedom threatened to revoke the Michigan State University chapter’s charter if it hosted the talk:

“First, the National Young Americans for Freedom, which serves as the umbrella organization for all campus YAF chapters, threatened to revoke our YAF charter if the talk went forward. Chairman Erik Johnson’s excuse was that YAF does not officially recognize multi-culturalism as a threat to the United States….

National YAF was adamant: We were not to host Mr. Taylor. If we defied National YAF and sponsored the talk anyway, we would have lost our YAF charter and would no longer have been an official student organization with the right to host events on campus.”

Bristow also cited pressures from the University:

“We had scheduled Mr. Taylor’s talk for Wednesday, March 19. Suddenly, the university told us that date was impossible. It had been understood from the beginning that the talk would require police security, and the university claimed security would be possible at only one lecture hall–and that hall had become mysteriously unavailable that day.”

“On Thursday, February 21, the student government of Michigan State University approved a bill requesting the university to define the supposed difference between “hate speech” and free speech. This craven move resulted directly from the lectures my group has sponsored, and is intended stop speakers the leftists do not like. It is not certain whether the university will establish “hate speech” guidelines or how they would be implemented. In a sane world, the student government would be censuring people who violently disrupt meetings, but it instead wants to do the protesters’ work for them by preventing the meetings in the first place.”

He also cited the possibility that protestors would have disrupted the speech:

“The cancellation may well have spared Mr. Taylor a certain amount of unpleasantness. Many of our events have been violently disrupted by left-wing students…”

“I have no doubt that if Jared Taylor had spoken at MSU, he would have faced similar opposition and disruption. Various leftists including Students for a Democratic Society were already announcing plans to do everything possible to prevent Mr. Taylor from delivering his talk.”

Of course, Bristow’s letter was filled with his usual insults and racist statements. He again criticized La Raza and MEChA, charging that they have engaged in violence at past events sponsored by Young Americans for Freedom. Bristow concluded by stating that the protestors’:

“…brutish tactics reflect their brutish natures. They are the best possible demonstration of the very point Mr. Taylor had intended to make: that multi-culturalism is a serious threat to what is left of Western Civilization on this continent.”

Interestingly, Bristow says that he has passed the information on to “a local activist” who may arrange a speaking engagement for Jared Taylor:

“Mr. Taylor may yet come to Lansing, however. I have passed his name on to a local activist who arranges talks in the area, and I understand discussions about a possible lecture have already begun.”

Jared Taylor has spoken in Lansing before. In August of 2007, he spoke at a conference hosted by the Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens. That conference was organized with the help of “Evan Thomas,” a racist activist who attended the Nick Griffin speech that Young Americans for Freedom hosted in October of last year.

Jared Taylor Speech at MSU Cancelled

A planned speech by a prominent racist named Jared Taylor at MSU has been cancelled according to Young Americans for Freedom, the group that had sponsored the speech. It will reportedly move to an off-campus venue without the support of Young Americans for Freedom.


Michigan State University’s (MSU) chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (MSU-YAF)–a rightwing student group that has been declared a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center–has cancelled a planned speech by Jared Taylor. Taylor, who is the editor of the American Renaissance newspaper, is a prominent racist who advances a form of “scientific racism” that argues that there are innate differences between races. Beyond that, Taylor has ties to various elements of the racist right.

A little over a week ago, the Taylor “event” was deleted from Facebook–a popular social networking website–by Young Americans for Freedom’s chairman Kyle Bristow. At the time, there was no explanation, but a post on Young American for Freedom’s blog indicates that the speech at Michigan State is cancelled and that Young Americans for Freedom is not sponsoring the event. MSU-YAF’s chairman Kyle Bristow wrote, “Though MSU-YAF is not officially hosting Jared Taylor as a speaker this semester, I did see to it that he will be able to speak at a location near MSU and be hosted by another organization (the show will go on!).”

While it is certainly good news that Taylor’s speech at MSU has been cancelled, it is worth remembering that Bristow has found another location for Taylor to speak in Michigan.

Finally, in related news, Taylor’s biannual American Renaissance conference in Washington DC was met by protests. According to reports on DC Indymedia, protestors were able to disrupt and interfere with Taylor’s gathering of racists. A report from the anti-racist website One People’s Project noted several prominent racists who were in attendance:

“Inside, noted individuals such as Holocaust denier Mark Weber, Croatian hatemonger Tomislav Sunic, who was at a meeting at the Sala Thai Restaurant in Arlington, VA earlier in the week, and Canadian fascist Paul Fromm, who now that he has been removed from his teaching position is promoting a fight against political correctness, stayed away from the fray. There were about 150 who attended the conference, some actually persons of color. Among them was Marcus Epstein, the Executive Director of Pat Buchanan’s organization the American Cause. The night before, neo-Nazi Bill White said he had attended the conference and he complained about their presence on his email list. He chose however, not to be around on Saturday, when the protesters came out.”

Additionally, One People’s Project has released a list containing the names and home states of some of the conference attendees. Nobody from Michigan is on the list.

MSU-YAF Connected White Supremacist Organizing Tours for Racist Speakers

The Spartan Edge, an online news source covering Michigan State University and the surrounding area, has published a new article titled “Three States of Hate: MSU-YAF Part of Skinhead’s Campus Speech Operations” that further explores the ties of MSU’s Young Americans for Freedom to a white supremacist skinhead named Preston Wiginton who has organized campus speaking tours for white supremacists. Among the people Wiginton has worked with are Nick Griffin, a member of the fascist British National Party who spoke at MSU last fall and Jared Taylor who is scheduled to speak at MSU in March. While Taylor says his speech was not organized by Wiginton, the Spartan Edge article provides an overview of Wiginton’s efforts organizing speaking tours for racists:

“The Nick Griffin speech at MSU was not the first college event arranged by Wiginton. As far back as 2005 Wiginton was going to campus to promote his white nationalist views against non-white immigration.

Wiginton took part in arranging a speaking tour for author Frosty Wooldridge, an anti-immigration author and activist.

By 2007 Wiginton had enrolled at Texas A&M and begun a campaign to push his white nationalist views. Wiginton posted on Stormfront about his challenge to Dr. Tito Guerrero, Associate Provost of Diversity at Texas A&M, to debate Jared Taylor.

Preston Wiginton’s next campus speech came on April 9, 2007. Wiginton, working with the Clemson Conservatives, hosted Jared Taylor, the editor of the white nationalist Web site American Renaissance.

Taylor spoke about multiculturalism as a weakness to the country and claimed that racial segregation was a natural state of being.

Preston Wiginton wrote in the online comment section of the Clemson newspaper, The Daily Tiger, praising the way the students at Clemson handled the event.

He also posted on the white supremacist Web site Stormfront (under the name ruskybound) calling for donations to support more speeches by Jared Taylor for fall 2007.”

The article also briefly explores why Wiginton and white supremacists are targeting universities:

“Wiginton’s work setting up speakers at universities has come to the attention of civil rights groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

Carrie Waggoner, assistant director of the Michigan Region for the Anti-Defamation League, said that Wiginton was likely trying to draw attention to his ideas by hosting events on campus.

“He is likely trying to draw attention to and support for his point of view on immigration and white nationalism,” Waggoner said. “Ideas like Holocaust denial and white nationalism/white supremacy are not generally accepted by academia but may be discussed as concepts in a classroom setting.”

Protests Planned Against American Renaissance Conference

This weekend in DC, protests are planned against the biannual American Renaissance conference. The conference–organized by the racist Jared Taylor who will speak at MSU in March–will likely attract, based on past conferences, a wide variety of racists active in the racist movement. Looking at past conferences and this year’s speakers offer more reasons why Taylor should be protested at MSU.


This weekend in Washington DC, activists are planning to hold a protest against “the American Renaissance Conference 2008.” The conference is organized by the prominent racist Jared Taylor–who is scheduled to speak in Michigan at Michigan State University in March. The conferences, which have been happening since the 1990s, often function as a sort of “who’s who” of the racist movement, attracting representatives and activists from across the racist right. In 2006, David Duke attended, in 1998 it attracted a variety of racists in what the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education termed “A Convocation of Bigots,” and it was more of the same in 2000 and 2002), and 2006. The conferences frequently draw protests, who like the organizers of this year’s protest cite American Renaissance’s white supremacy as a reason to disrupt the conferences:

“The AmRen conference organizers call for a white supremacist society and political order. American Renaissance (AmRen) editor Jared Taylor states: “If whites permit themselves to be displaced, it is not just the high culture of the West that could disappear but such things as representative government, rule of law and freedom of speech, which whites usually get right and everyone else usually gets wrong.” Among past and present participants in this gathering are Klan member David Duke, Don Black, the operator of the white supremacist website, former NY state prosecutor Michael Regan and Nick Griffin of the neo-fascist British National Party.

American Renaissance is a monthly magazine promoting an agenda of white supremacy through eugenics, faux science, and what they call “race realism.” In attempts to appeal to the middle and educated classes of white America, AmRen seeks to establish scientific “truths” such as eugenics by creating non-existent links between race and IQ, and by creating even more non- existent links between race and the predisposition to “negative social behaviors”. AmRen advances the racist beliefs of “Racial differences in IQ”, the “costs of diversity,” and the “challenges of non-white immigration.” One quick glance at their website reveals articles with titles like: “A Defense of White Racial Consciousness”; “The Biological Realities of Race”; “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America”; and “The Color of Crime.””

Aside from the protests against the conference offering an example of how activists in Michigan may want to meet Taylor’s March appearance at Michigan State University, looking at the American Renaissance conference allows us to further sharpen our understanding of Taylor’s racism.

This year’s conference has the theme “In the Name of Our People,” which of course means white people exclusively. According to the conference website, the conference will explore how “whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests” despite white “civilization” being threatened by “racial differences in IQ, the costs of ‘diversity,’ the challenges of non-white immigration.” Like its newsletter which relies heavily on statistics and faux-academic arguments, the conference has a line-up of speakers offering what appear to be academic talks on “The Heritability of World IQ Differences,” “Why is There so Much Resistance to Race Realism,” and “Understanding the African Mind.” Of course, the conference program leaves out the fact that many of the speakers are well-known racists that both promote abhorrent views and actively organize in a variety of groups. A sampling of the speakers includes:

* J. Phillippe Rushton is a professor at the University of Western Ontario, Canada who does research attempting to prove there are differences in intelligence between races. Rushton has received extensive support from the Pioneer Fund, an organization that has for years funded research aimed at proving differences between races. Rushton now chairs the Pioneer Fund.

* Sam G. Dickson is a member of the racist Council of Conservative Citizens and is on the board of the Charles Martel Society a racist group similar to American Renaissance.

* Bruno Gollnisch is a leader in the French National Front political party of Jean-Marie Le Pen. Gollnisch has questioned the Holocaust, stating, “I do not question the existence of concentration camps but historians could discuss the number of deaths. As to the existence of gas chambers, it is up to historians to speak their minds.”

* Ashley Mote is a British politician who in 2007 joined a neo-fascist political grouping in the European parliament called Identity, Tradition, and Sovereignty. The group was criticized for being “xenophobic, anti-semetic, and racist” before falling apart in late 2007 for

* Michael Walker is a British writer who is part of the so-called “European New Right” is the editor of The Scorpion, a white nationalist newsletter. At the 1998 American Renaissance conference, he praised the French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Email Action Against Hate Speech at MSU

The group Michigan Against White Supremacy has issued the following email action alert to protest a planned speech by the racist Jared Taylor at Michigan State University:

Please take a moment to send the following pre-written email to Michigan State University’s administration urging them to cancel racist Jared Taylor’s planned speech:

For more on Taylor, visit