National Socialist Movement (NSM) Advocates for White Society Excluding Jewish, Homosexual, and “Non-White” Peoples

Over the past week, there has been a considerable increase in coverage of the National Socialist Movement’s (NSM) rally in Lansing, but there have been almost no articles that focus on the ideology of the NSM and its political programs. While the corporate media has focused on the potential for “violence” between the NSM and protestors, there has been no investigation of the NSM’s extreme racism or the groups origins.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM), otherwise known as America’s Nazi Party, has garnered considerable attention over the past few weeks with its planned rally at the state capital in Lansing on the 22nd. In both corporate media sources and alternative media such as Lansing’s weekly City Pulse and Michigan State University’s student newspaper, there have been a considerable number of articles focusing on the potential for a conflict between the NSM and groups protesting the rally, many of whom have coalesced as the Lansing Coalition against Nazis (LCAN). However, while these articles have discussed security preparations, the efforts of some Lansing city leaders to prevent protests, and the possibility that the NSM will attend the city’s diversity rally, there has been little to no reporting on what exactly the NSM advocates, how active they are, and how they aim to achieve their goal of a white society.

According to various sources, the contemporary National Socialist Movement has its origins with the American Nazi Party which was founded in 1959 by George Lincoln Rockwell, a man who was known as “America’s Fuheur” and who advocated the extermination of all “treasonous Jews, through methods used by Hitler’s Nazis, banish all American Negroes to Africa and amend the Constitution of the United States to conform to Nazi whims” (source). Like the NSM, Rockwell developed an advanced form of Nazism that broadened the definition of “white” beyond the exclusive Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and traditional Nazi definitions to include everyone who was not born black and was not Jewish. Rockwell also advanced the notion of Holocaust denial and worked to connect Nazism with Christianity, laying the foundation for groups such as World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), a white supremacist group that gained influence among white supremacists during the 1990s and was a consistent target of anti-fascist organizing. Rockwell and his neo-Nazi followers also popularized the wearing of Nazi uniforms or “brown shirts” during their public appearances and frequently referred to themselves as “storm troopers” after the Nazi SS.

While the continuity can be seen in both the NSM (nationally and in Michigan) holding “memorial” events for Rockwell and in the NSM’s frequent public appearances wearing full Nazi uniforms, there is also a strong ideological and organizational link to Rockwell. The NSM was founded in 1974 as the National Socialist American Workers Freedom Movement by Robert Brannen and Cliff Harington, two former “stormtroopers” in the American Nazi Party, which had largely disbanded after the assassination of Rockwell in 1967. Until the mid-1990s, the group operated largely in Minnesota’s Twin Cities with little public attention until it received notoriety when two members showed up in Nazi uniform to a Minnesota legislative committee hearing to protest a proposed gay rights bill. In 1994, Herrington stepped down and leadership was given to Jeff Schoep in 1998, who was hailed as the man that would finally achieve the “white revolution” (Schoep has a criminal past as does Indiana’s NSM head who is a registered sex offender). Schoep, who was only 24 at the time that he took “command” of the NSM, has worked to appeal to younger white supremacists and has continued the group’s open adulation of Adolph Hitler and organized the NSM as a paramilitary group wherein members are given military ranks (hence Schoep’s title of “Commander”) and chapters are referred to as “units.”

The NSM’s core ideology is based around what it calls the “25 points of American National Socialism, racial freedom, and separation.” While the NSM claims that they take into consideration other factors aside from race, even a cursory look at their positions reveals that they are extreme racists in the tradition of Hitler. The NSM advocates “the union of all Whites [sic]” into a “greater America” that is based on self-determination and National Socialism where only those of “pure White blood” will be full citizens, whereas all others would live under the threat of forced deportation and be “subject to laws for aliens.” In staying with traditional Nazism, Jewish people and homosexuals would not be permitted to be a member of the nation. The group also advocates family law that is race specific as a means of ensuring the “race survival” of the white race and makes exceptions to its opposition to abortion and euthanasia in the case of “race-mixing.” The military would be reformed to for “the defense of our race and nation” and would exclude non-Americans, criminals, and “sensitivity training.” Along with the traditional racist views of Nazism, the NSM also has adopted the Nazis anti-gay views. The group views homosexuality as “a chosen lifestyle and a mental sickness,” labeling it a “social degeneracy” that must be “expunged” from society. They go on to argue that homosexuality encourages sexual predators, sexual pedophiles, rape, and murder, of which the NSM believes the majority are committed by “homosexual prone monsters” and would deal with such individuals with “an instant death penalty” according to the NSM Michigan’s “Questions and Answers.”

Interestingly, the NSM also advocates a sort of populist right-based anti-capitalist rhetoric as part of its program of implementing “a healthy nationalized socialist economy” that makes appeals to what may be legitimate concerns of much of the working poor. The NSM opposes the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and advocates for such things as a living wage, universal access to health care, removal of taxes on the necessities of life, affordable access to health care, and even increased regulation of pollution. If all this is presented without the NSM’s racism, homophobia, and xenophobia, it is more radical than either the Democratic or Republican Party platforms. Similarly, the NSM seeks to capitalize on anti-immigrant sentiment and advocates for the immediate deportation of what they term “illegal” immigrants. Of course, all of these programs and policies have to been seen within the context of the NSM’s efforts to protect “white workers” from the perceived threats that they are facing from other groups, and while it can be argued that the majority of people in the United States are opposed to Nazism, the NSM’s appeal for radical change where the right and the left have failed does resonant with the some disenfranchised youth (the NSM has a program specifically targeting youth, the Viking Youth Corps).

While the NSM may potentially appeal to some white citizens of the United States, it is unclear exactly how influential they are and how much popular support they actually have. The NSM claims to have “units” (chapters) in several states—including Michigan—and is estimated to have around 200 members. These units engage in a variety of activities, including leafleting, holding white power musical concerts, rallies, and public demonstrations, as well as efforts aimed at recruiting new members. From the outside it is hard to evaluate exactly how much success the NSM is having in recruiting new members and while many racists are turned off by the group’s Hitleresque dress, the NSM is a potential threat in that it advocates working with other white power groups and seems to have the ability to smooth over some of the infighting that has plagued the white supremacist and fascist movements.

Noise Blockade Call to Action to Oppose Nazis in Lansing


As Students and citizens of Lansing and beyond we have a responsibility to confront the Nazis who are tainting our community. On April 22nd, the National Socialist Movement, America’s Nazi party, will be holding a rally on the steps of the Lansing capital to commemorate Hitler’s birthday and spread their racist propaganda. Instead, we will be presenting a message of unity and community through a vocal and vibrant noise blockade… we will not let these fascists organize in our own town. We will obstruct their hate with our music, our noise, and our voices.

Our noise blockade will consist of every type of instrument available. We are asking for brass, drums, cymbals, buckets, pots, pans, screaming voices; anything that will create a large volume of sound and add to our united and diverse message.

This noise blockade will assemble on April 22nd at 12:30pm at River View Park on Michigan Ave, and Grand (next to the Radisson hotel).


Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN) afdlansing ( at )

More information on protests against the NSM in Lansing

Updates on Lansing Anti-Nazi Protest

Direct Action!, one of the member groups of the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN), has posted further details of the April 22nd anti-nazi protest in Lansing:

On April 22nd 2006 from 2-4pm the National Socialist Movement (NSM) will hold its national rally at the Capital Building in Lansing, MI. The NSM are neo-nazis who call themselves “America’s Nazi Party” and call for the eradication of “inferior” races. A coalition of community organizations, campus groups and community members has come together to form the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN) in response to the Nazis attempts to organize and recruit. LCAN is calling for a visible and vocal demonstration to counter the NSM’s message of hate. Please join the march and rally beginning at 12:30pm on Saturday April 22nd, 2006.

The group has posted two flyers (1, 2) and has announced that people will meet at the corner Grand and Michigan at Riverview Park in downtown Lansing at 12:30pm. The protest has drawn considerable national attention, despite the fact that the city has actively discouraged people from attending the rally and police are asking downtown businesses to close as part of a security strategy that will include a 3,000 foot chain link fence and a system of protest zones and metal detectors designed to prevent “violence” between protestors and the NSM.

Call to Action Against National Neo-Nazi Rally in Lansing, Michigan

The Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN) has called for protests in response to the National Socialist Movement (NSM) national rally being held on the steps of the Michigan state capital.

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) is planning a public demonstration on April 22nd on the steps of the State Capital in Lansing, Michigan. The NSM, who refer to themselves as “America’s Nazi Party”ˇ have chosen to come to Lansing following their visits to Toledo, Ohio in October and December of this past year.

We, the Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN), feel that their message should not go unopposed. We are planning a visible and vocal counter-demonstration to combat their message of hate. We are inviting all those who believe in freedom and equality to join us in sending the NSM a strong message that fascists and racists are not welcome in Lansing!

Please join us in opposing the NSM rally in Lansing, Michigan on April 22nd. A strong, creatively confrontational presence against the Nazis is the best way to show the neo-Nazis that their hate will not be tolerated in Lansing, or anywhere else.

It is important that those present are disciplined and principled in their actions. The counter demonstration is our time to express direct opposition to the NSM while also providing relative safety to those community members who are low risk. If you are coming to do your own thing without thinking about how it will effect the people of Lansing then stay home. If you are coming to stand in solidarity with the people of Lansing in their visible and vocal opposition to the Nazis, then you are welcome and encouraged to attend. We’ll see you in the streets!

The Counter-Demonstration will begin around 12:30pm. The NSM Event is scheduled from 2-4pm. Further details will be provided closer to April 22nd. There will be a strategy meeting the night before the rally in Lansing for coordinating with people from out of town. To receive updates on details for the 22nd or for more information email: afdlansing ( at )

Yours in struggle,

Lansing Coalition Against Nazis (LCAN)

afdlansing ( at )

Statement of Purpose

Although some people say that ignoring the Nazis is the best way to oppose them, we know from experience that ignoring a problem never makes it go away. Some people say that the NSM is just a fringe group but their websites: get over 9,000 hits a day.

If hate groups do not encounter opposition to their activities in a community, they’ll take that to mean no one is willing to stand against them. Not directly opposing the Nazis isolates the people they target – people of color, immigrants, religious or ethnic minorities, lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people, the disabled, womyn, etc. – making these communities feel like no one will support them. Because we recognize the struggles of these targeted groups of people and do not wish to ignore them, LCAN supports a visible and vocal counter-demonstration to the Nazi rally on April 22.

Other opponents of counter demonstrating say the Nazis should be allowed to speak because of the constitutional right to free speech. We say that giving racists and other bigots “free speech” silences the voices of entire groups of people through intimidation. We say that it is not just free speech because racist propaganda leads to racist violence.

Five Arrested at Recruiting Office in Lansing

Reprinted from the Cleveland Independent Media Center

At 2pm on March 20, the 3rd anniversary of the war in Iraq, five Lansing peace activists–Sayrah Namaste, John Masterson, Kathie Kuhn, Charlie Nash, Mike McCurdy–shut down the South Lansing Marine Recruiting Center for a few hours. They are in the City of Lansing jail.

In solidarity with activists in 32 countries, they demonstrated under theme “Recruiting with Lies for a War based on Lies”. John and Kathy climbed onto the roof of the recruiting center and dropped a banner, singing “we shall not be moved”. Sayrah, Mike, and Charlie pasted up 21 signs on the windows and doors with statistics like “33% of Veterans are Homeless” “72% of US Soldiers want the US to leave Iraq” “87% of Iraqis want US out of Iraq”. The three then linked arms and blocked the doors of the recruiting center. Two high school students were unable to make their appointments with the recruiters because of this.

The recruiters tried to physically push Sayrah, Mike and Charlie away from the door. One recruiter, who was especially enraged, kicked and shoved them and broke off the door handle trying to move them. He then lied and accused the three of destruction of property. The property manager was very kind and against the war and asked for a website to learn more about their action!

All the major media outlets were there–Ch 10, 47, 6, as well as the radio WKAR/NPR and newspapers LSJ and State News. Direct Action and Students for a Democratic Society rallied and chanted in support of the five while the action unfolded.

Statement from the activists:



We, the undersigned, invite activists throughout the world to join us in participating in an international campaign of massive, nonviolent civil resistance to stop the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. These actions could, as this one does, be organized to include both non-violent civil resistance and legal demonstrations. Today, we have answered this call and have temporarily shut down the operations of this military recruiting center. We have done so through peaceful means: we have creatively and visually made our opposition to the Iraq war and the back door draft clear: we have peacefully made our point through our bodies, through visual signs and symbols.

Our actions today are in solidarity with people around the world who are using nonviolent civil resistance to oppose the war in Iraq. Activists in Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Phillipines, Panama, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, East Timor, Australia, Ireland, Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran are doing similar actions. They include Nobel prize laureates such as Harold Pinter and Mairead Corrigan Maguire, religious leaders, journalists, and mothers of soldiers that have been killed in the war, such as Celeste Zappala and Cindy Sheehan. (See a complete list)

The killing of tens of thousands of civilians, the wounding of perhaps 100,000 or more people, the torture and murder of prisoners in U.S. custody-these and other realities of the occupation are evidence of the massive state terrorism being perpetrated against the people of Iraq. At the same time, we mourn the deaths of over 2,300 soldiers of the “coalition forces,” while we denounce the lies (weapons of mass destruction, ties between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda) proclaimed in an effort to justify the invasion.

First Date of International Actions: March 18-20, 2006, the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. We have chosen this anniversary, March 20th, to take action. We encourage others to take action, not only on the once a year anniversary, but on the anniversary of every day a bullet has been fired in anger.