Local Military Contractor asks for Tax Abatement as Sales Rise

According to the Grand Rapids Press, Borisch Manufacturing, a local military (“defense”) contractor, is seeking a tax abatement from the Kentwood City Commission for a recent expansion. The expansion, which will cost $3.4 million, will include $750,000 on property improvements and add $2.6 million in new machinery and equipment to the company’s facilities. Borisch has been a steady recipient of military contracts since the start of the “war on terror” and has not only produced components for weapons systems used in Iraq, but markets its work as an inherent part of “patriotism” and ties their work to Christianity with founder John Borisch describing the company as a model Christian business and citing Psalm 115.1 under its company logo.

Borisch is asking for the tax abatements despite previous abatements from the city and increased sales. Sales for 2006 are expected to increase from $35 million in 2005 to $45 million and then grow again in 2007 to $50 million. Kentwood residents are encouraged to attend the public hearing on Borisch’s request for a tax abatement. The hearing will take place at the Kentwood City Commission meeting at 7:30pm on April 4 at Kentwood’s City Hall (4900 Breton Ave SE). Others may contact Kentwood’s City Commission although they will likely not be very receptive to concerns coming from non-residents.