97.9 WGRD: Radio, Misogyny, & Sexism in Grand Rapids

This is a set of data and resources that accompany an article written by Media Mouse on Grand Rapids alternative rock station WGRD’s use of sexism and misogyny to appeal to male listeners. While the transcripts linked below should make it abundantly clear how WGRD and specifically, DJ David Fox, promote a subservient role for women through their repeated references to women as sex objects, readers are strongly encouraged to consult the article accompanying this data for additional contextual information.

Note: This problem is far bigger than just one radio station in Michigan, check out the additional resources for more information on this phenomenon.

Contact the WGRD Staff

We strongly encourage people to contact the WGRD’s management staff to let them know that the offensive content featured on David Fox’s show is unacceptable:

  • Phil Catlett – General Manager at 616-459-4111 or philc@gogrand.com
  • Jerry Tarrants (JT) – Program Director at 616-459-4111 or jt@wgrd.com

Additionally, WGRD’s owner—Regent Broadcasting—can be contacted locally at 616-451-4800 or at its corporate headquarters at 513-651-1190.

WGRD Transcripts Showing Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, and Misogynistic Content

The following transcripts were collected in during the months of February 2006 and March 2006. They are not intended to log every incident of objectionable content but instead provide a representative sampling of the content that can be heard on DJ David Fox’s 7:00pm to 12:00pm show on Monday through Friday on WGRD.

02/08/2006 Transcript: Put me down for some trojans

Lukas D: GRD, Are you there?

Yeah, I�m still here
Lukas D: Ok, tell us about your story hon

I got a customer, I�m at work sorry �
Lukas D: Off to a good start.
You didn�t want a carwash or receipt?
Sounds familiar eh?
Lukas D: Yeah it does.
Fox: Can you put me down for some Trojans?

Some Trojans?
Lukas D: Some magnums for me please.
Isn�t that sad we don�t sell Trojans? But we sell vibrators.
Lukas D: Really?
Fox: Where at? A grocery store?
That customer just gave me the weirdest look ever.

02/08/2006 Transcript: I should come over and spank you

David Fox: I’m a big gambler too, but you know what? I don’t think I’m going to award dinner for two to an addict. What about someone that’s got you know like they’re sick or a lot of kids.

Woman: I do, I have two kids.
Lukas D: What are you doing gambling? You’re a bad mommy, bad!
DF: That’s right, I should come over and spank you.

02/08/2006 Transcript: You wanna rape me

Caller: Hey
Lukas D: Hey
Anyways, Play some Nirvana ‘Rape me’ for me, will ya?.
Lukas D: I don’t know if that will be appropriate; this particular evening.
(everyone laughing)

David Fox: You wanna rape me? Well, you wanna know what?
(plays ‘I wish I knew how to quit you sound clip’)
DF: Dude, I don’t want to hear your voice! Beat it!

02/08/2006 Transcript: Sweet, how old are you?

Caller: My name is Katie.
David Fox: I feel good because I’m all loofed up.
Lukas D: He’s got a, I taught him what a loofah is.
Caller: Well, I’m glad that you know it’s always good to get a woman, you know loofahs are key.
Lukas D: Loofahs are key, they make you skin soft and you smell nice.

DF: When he started talking about loofah with me I was thinking like ‘Brokeback Mountain’ kind of.
Caller: I would let you wash my back with a loofah anyday.
Lukas D: Oooh
DF: Sweet, well how old are you?
Caller: I’m 20.
DF: If, and as long as you’re over 18.
Caller: Oh absolutely.

02/09/2006 Transcript: They have nice boobs

David Fox: Well, we got two girls in here too. My excellent, beautiful new assistants, Dev and Adrianna. What up babies?

Lukas D: They have nice boobs.

02/09/2006 Transcript: Ok, so uhh, any hot chicks though that got busted?

David Fox: Ok, so uhh, any hot chicks though that got busted?
Caller: Yeah, East got a couple lined up.
DF: I knew it. Cheerleaders, right?
Caller: Not likely from East sadly.
Lukas D: Uhh.. you know I used to this nice little hottie from EGR. She was on the cheerleading team there.
DF: Cheerleader? Yeah right! Probably for the wrestling team.
Lukas D: HEY!

DF: That’s where they put all the fuglies. You had the cankle from EGR.
DF: Well hey, Corey we just lost ya brother, but thank you very much. Gave us a little insight on what’s going on over at East Grand Rapids. Obviously, national news because the school system using computer myspaces and what’s the other sites?
Lukas D: Xanga, Facebook, what do you guys think man?
DF: To bang, I mean to, uhh� what was I trying to say?
Lukas D: To bust these kids.
DF: Yeah, to bust these kids. They want to bang them.

02/09/2006 Transcript: They don�t have voices for radio but their faces are definitely fine

David Fox: So anyway, we got our special ladies in here. My ladies of the evening. What’s up gals?
Lukas D: You gotta turn their microphones on! You’re the special one Dave.

DF: Adrienne to might right and Dev to my left.
Girl 1: You got it right
Lukas D: You got it right! Ehhh!
DF: Hey, they don’t have voices for radio but their faces are definitely fine.
Lukas D: Oh yeah!
Girl 1: That was the meanest thing I have ever heard.
DF: What’s that?
Girl 2: That was terrible.
Lukas D: You gotta speak up.

Girl 1: Yeah, that’s not a good comment at all, you got the face for radio?

02/09/2006 Transcript: Chicks. Can’t live with them, can’t kill them Lukas

David Fox: Chicks. Can’t live with them, can’t kill them Lukas.
Lukas: Haha, yeah you can.
DF: Well, yeah, I guess so, look at the juice, the juice.
Lukas: OJ, we love you!
DF: And that other guy that got off.

02/09/2006 Transcript: We’ll be looking at the girls on the website soon

Lukas D: Too much estrogen in the studio tonight Dave.

David Fox: Well, you know, it’s sorta nice to have some opposite sex.
Lukas D: We actually have three girls in, come on and say hi sweetheart.
DF: This could get interesting.
Lukas D: Ohh yeah!

DF: Over here to my left the very beautiful Dev, we’ll be looking at the girls on the website soon.
Lukas D: Very skanky.
Dev: Thank you Dave.
DF: And of course, Jessica. Hi baby.

Lukas D: What’s cracking baby?

Caller: Hey can you play some Sublime in a little bit?
Lukas D: Let’s see what we can do for you bro.
DF: Oh we know it!
Caller: Oh sweet.
DF: Some ‘date rape.’

02/09/2006 Transcript: Fox and Lukas and our girls that we got down the street

Lukas D: That’s not allowed.

David Fox: Unless you say it like they do in Compton.
Lukas and DF: Beeotch.
DF: Fox and Lukas and our girls that we got down the street.

02/09/2006 Transcript: You girls are my new slaves

David Fox: This is Fox, getting late on a Thursday, almost Friday. TGIF.
Lukas D: Now did you say getting late, or did I hear something else?
DF: It’s getting late.
Lukas D: L-A-T-E let’s clarify that.
DF: And since I have my two new beauties.

Lukas D: Speaking of getting late�
Girl: Let’s go get late.
DF: TGIF. Thank God It’s Free. Because me and Lukas are poor and since you girls are my new slaves. It’s the Fox’s, what do I call them? My honeys? My Fox’s honeys?
Lukas D: How about you’re uhh�
Girl: Foxes!
DF: Yeah, my foxes.
Girl: Fox’s foxes.
DF: Adrienne say Hi to west Michigan.
Adrienne: Hi West Michigan

DF: And how about you Dev?
Dev: Hey West Michigan.
DF: So you girls gonna treat me and Lukas like the gentlemen that we are?

02/14/2006 Transcript: I sent him down to Parkway

David Fox: Sky has always been a good kid. I remember when he first turned 18, sent him down to Parkway [Tropics] and had my girl Stacia and all the rest of the chicks treat him like a VIP.
Dev: Some naughty girls down there Dave.

02/14/2006 Transcript: It�s hard to even believe that they can see

Dev: Also, we’ve got the new plastic trend in China is making your eyes rounder.
David Fox: What?

Dev: It’s true, and then…
DF: No seriously. I mean you go over there and you got some nationalities and it’s hard to even believe that they can see, you know, cause you’re like whoa. But that’s a plastic surgery. That doesn’t surprise me.
Dev: Ok and this one goes for Valentine’s Day I guess, kinda. 34% of women say that if there dog was a man he would be their boyfriend.
DF: That’s cause their fuglies.
Dev: Sick, that’s sick.
DF: Well I mean, like I said they are ugly. They don’t go out. They’re fuglies ok.
Dev: I don’t feel bad for them then, that’s fine.
DF: They got thunder thighs, hippo hips. Keep going…
Dev: A dentist got busted for trading pain killer prescriptions for sexual favors. Sounds like a naughty dentist to me.

DF: So how was it?
Dev: Super.

02/14/2006 Transcript: I don’t trust people that don’t eat meat

Dev: Hillary Duff said about her boyfriend who is in Good Charlotte, Joel Madden, she’s very convinced that he will not cheat on her.
David Fox: I don’t know, those Madden brothers, you don’t know what to think because they’re both vegans and I don’t trust people that don’t eat meat.
Dev: Yeah that’s true.
DF: To me that’s just like whatever, you know?
Dev: If they come to Grand Rapids he’s cheating honey.
DF: Why’s that?

Dev: Cuz I’ll be here.
DF: You ho!

02/14/2006 Transcript: This is the wrong station for you if you think chick is a bad word

David Fox: That ain’t even close, especially for a chick that rides motorcycles.
Dev: I know.
DF: Actually, a guy called up and he says that is like so degrading to women.
Dev: I have no idea what he was talking about.
DF: And it’s like, like my program director has done up a ton of promos and he puts that in there all the time. And it’s like man, we play Disturbed and we play Tool, so maybe this is the wrong station for you if you think chick is a bad word.
Dev: How can you think chick is a bad word? That’s what we are man.

DF: Even Ozzie’s like beat it.

02/15/2006 Transcript: Do you want to know what winter Olympians are the slutiest?

David Fox: Do you want to know what winter Olympians are the slutiest?

DF: Johnny says he’s got the inside tip on where to get laid during the winter Olympics. Johnny says quote I definetly say the sking and snowboarding crew are the ones to shack up with, they are more reckless. There is a reverse correlation between the duration of the event and the slutiness of the girl. Damn, you have to remember that next time you travel out to the Olympics.
DF: Crackhos are so two years ago. It’s 2006 and it’s time introduce the hillbilly heroin hooker. Now get this, a 77 year old dentist, … was arrested last week after building himself a whole stable of hillbilly heroin hookers by writing them fake prescriptions for the pain killer Oxycotin in exchange for oral favors. Bad dentist!

02/15/2006 Transcript: I mean this chick is bad ass

David Fox: Here’s Fox. Got my brand new FHM, just came in, For His Male. It’s up to par with Maxim, but not as good. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never watched the West Wing, never really interested me. I’m not a big fan of getting into politics and those kind of shows, but man. There’s this girl, Christian Chenowith, never seen her before. But she is in here, and she is just down to like the skimpiest bikini, and then she says she loves Applebees, Arby’s, and Dairy Queen. I mean this chick is bad ass. If anyone knows who this girl is, give me a ring and give me the scoop and the skinny. Cause that’s exactly what this girl is.

02/15/2006 Transcript: She might actually have to send me a photo before anyone gets free tixs

David Fox: Nine inch nails are the railroad spikes they used to hang Jesus to the cross.

Female caller: (yells)
DF: Woah, I didn’t know I’d get that kind of response freako. Did that excite you?
Caller: Oh my god know.
DF: So that show’s coming up on Monday, you got tickets?
Caller: No I don’t and I want them.
DF: I got a bunch of tickets tomorrow and Friday.
Caller: To give away?
DF: Yeah…
Caller: When, when am I gonna call?

DF: If you can sweet talk me tomorrow I just might chuck you a pair.
Caller: Oh my god.
DF: What’s your name?
Caller: Kara, k-a-r-a.
DF: Sweet, and you’re over 18?
Caller: Hell yeah.
DF: Sweet.

DF: Let her do that, but she’s got sort of a whiny voice. A little turn off. She might actually have to send me a photo before anyone gets free tixs.

02/16/2006 Transcript: It’s not all about your groupies, sluts, and drugs

David Fox: You know, it’s not all about your groupies, sluts, and drugs. They�re actually a band with Christians in it. They believe on higher morals and they actually do act upon them and they�re big into family.

(speaking about rock band POD)

02/16/2006 Transcript: Ladies, that’s our domain

David Fox: That�s right. Ladies, that’s our domain. The frickin’ grill, no gas. I know it sucks having to wait for the charcoal to actually warm up, but it’s the only way to actually cook a steak.

(more with POD)

02/21/2006 Transcript: Korn ‘Twisted Transitor’ Still in the top ten for stripper clubs

David Fox: 97.9 GRD, Korn ‘Twisted Transitor.’ Still in the top ten for stripper clubs. Very, very hot for the ladies on the poles. Speaking of what’s not hot, we were just on ugly.com
Dev: Uglypeople.com
DF: (laughing)

Dev: Wow
DF: I feel sorry for them because, you know, it’s like your claim to fame is you won on ugly.com.
Dev: I know that sucked. But be careful guys because number ten means that they are really ugly not that they are not so bad.

02/22/2006 Transcript: I don’t discriminate here

David Fox: Dev How ya doing?
Dev: I’m doing well, how are you?
DF: Getting situated here in the studio? Starting to get used to the evenings or what?
Dev: I’m trying to but someone here keeps calling me stupid so it’s kind of hard.
DF: Now listen, you got to understand here, I do not discriminate. Now, I talked to Lemon, you know who I trained on Sundays�I’ve trained practically everyone here and basically they all get the same treatment. I don’t, I don’t go ‘oh poor little girl you just didn’t do your homework.’

Dev: Hey, I do do a lot of stuff.
DF: You do, but I’m telling you, I do the same military style for everybody and you got to be on top of things baby or…
Dev: I’m trying
DF: You get a boot in the ass.
Dev: I’m trying real hard.

02/22/2006 Transcript: They are hot ass bible thumpers

David Fox: Korn, ‘Twisted Transitor’
Dev: I think that is a little crazy�I don’t know how they would dance to that.
DF: Oh they get it, I mean, you probably don’t frequent strip clubs that much Dev.

Dev: No, do you Dave?
DF: Yeah baby! 979 GRD. When I can get people to pay that $5 to get through the door because I’m broke.
Dev: But you still go to a strip club and pay for the lap dances?
DF: Oh, someone else does too.
Dev: Ohh
DF: Ya know? And the beer and everything. Ya know, I’m a cheap date.
Dev: I’ll be your sugar mama, don’t worry.
DF: Now the deal is, the strippers, they do get crazy, I mean they get on the poles and the music is going and they are just rearing up and jumping around in them heals. Let me tell you about this�a bevy of strippers have turned to the lord�now this is crazy right here but I guess anyone can turn their life around. This so-called JC Girls now go to porn conventions and nightclubs to convert other strippers�and how do they do that?
Dev: They actually pay for the lap dances.

DF: They pay for the lap dances and then use that time to introduce the women to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
Dev: I don’t know, that’s pretty crazy to me. That’s cool though but I don’t think the girls, the strippers, really need that that bad.
DF: No, they are hot ass bible thumpers�man I’ll tell you that much. So that would be pretty cool.
Dev: We need some of those in Grand Rapids.
DF: I’d let one of those girls do a lap dance on me and explain the things of bible. That would be pretty sweet.
Dev: I think you should get a job doing that Dave.

02/23/2006 Transcript: Why aren’t you wearing your helmet?

DF: In the studio, a special guest, Junior. What’s up brother?
Junior: I’m very special, extra special.

DF: Special Ed.
Junior: Yes.
DF: Why aren’t you wearing your helmet?
Junior: Funny.

02/28/2006 Transcript: Now this little chick works for

David Fox: Got the 8:00 hour which means, Band to Band Combat, and it is brought to you by Shannon Benton. Now this little chick she works for Smith-Diamond Realty, and whether you are buying, selling, or relocating your house, she is going to make it happen for you.

02/28/2006 Transcript: A whole new batch of chicks

David Fox: Got some stuff to give away… I’ve got a 4-pack of tickets to go see Final Destination 3. First two ruled, although I don’t think we got that Larter chick in number 3. But it doesn’t matter. There’s a whole new batch of chicks. Nice ‘p’ for ya.

02/28/2006 Transcript: Isn’t that like a chick name?

David Fox: Now you are going to LA?

Lukas D: Yeah. I was just talking to my boss, my new boss Bryce Graves.
DF: His name’s Bryce?
LD: Yeah.
DF: Isn’t that like a chick name?
LD: Nah.
DF: Whatever.

02/28/2006 Transcript: Hopefully she’s got blonde hair and fake boobs

David Fox: You going to be able to handle it in LA?
Lukas D: I don’t know.

DF: Cuz you think you are like, the king of GR, but you get out there and you are the little minnow in the big, huge lake.
LD: That’s what I am hoping for man, that is the only way to grow.
DF: Get eaten up by a shark.
LD: Hopefully she has blonde hair and fake boobs.

02/28/2006 Transcript: I would rather do her sister Nicky. Nicky’s hotter and she’s got more class

Caller: I’m on my way to the Hookah Lounge
David Fox: You know what? I have not been there yet.
Caller: You have not been there yet? Man, it’s a pretty cool place.
DF: I like to smoke though. I hear they got pretty cool flavors that you can throw into the hookahs or what not.

Caller: Oh yeah, they have a whole bunch of different flavors. The one that I tried last time was called Paris Hilton. You know what? She tasted pretty good.
DF: No way dude.
Caller: Way.
DF: I’m surprised she didn’t taste like trash because that is exactly what she is. Dude, she is high class trash. She is a whore.
Caller: Tell me, would you mind doing her?
DF: Well, I mean, the thing is I had this discussion with some people at our station the other day and I mean, if you have the opportunity to do Paris, then you have the opportunity to do other celebrities and since we are in the fantasy world you know?
Caller: Oh ok.
DF: So I would rather do her sister Nicky. Nicky’s hotter and she’s got more class.
Caller: Exactly, a little more conservative.

DF: I’ll have a night in Nicky.

02/28/2006 Transcript: Slap my thigh and ride it in

David Fox: You saw the pictures though when I was younger. Honest, I’m still pimpin’ I’m just big pimpin’ now.
Lukas D: Like big papa.
DF: Big papa, come on. Big mamas.
LD: I like it when they call me big papa.
DF: Slap my thigh girls and ride it in.

03/01/2006 Transcript: Pound some chicks

David Fox: The station that brings you the freshly new back to town Free Beer and Hot Wings. They made it safely back from their conference.
Lukas D: Good for them. What did they do out there?

DF: Probably, I don’t know, pound some chicks.
LD: Did some networking.
DF: Drinking. Oh wait, they are married. Hopefully their wives aren’t listening.
LD: You are going to get fired.
DF: We got some good photos fellas.

03/01/2006 Transcript: Can I just tell you how incredibly, amazing hot Stacy Keebler is

Lukas D: Can I just tell you how incredibly, amazing hot Stacy Keebler is? God.
David Fox: Stacy Keebler, the girl over their on the screen saver?
LD: I think she’s from the WWE man. She’s just like the hottest thing you could ever…

DF: Wait a second, she’s a wrestler?
LD: Yeah. Dude look at her. It’s unbelievable. Seriously, look at that, look at that tush.
DF: Is there a cord long enough to get this screen over to the bathroom?

03/01/2006 Transcript: Thought I’d share that because it’s pretty out there

David Fox: This is disgusting.
Lukas D: This is pretty bad.
DF: A disturbing case was discovered Tuesday about a Central Ohio man who allegedly told police he likes to drink the urine of adolescent boys. Now Alan Patton, 54, is in jail after telling the story to police, blah blah blah, but he was actually caught before for raping a kid thirteen years ago.
LD: Oh my god.
DF: But this is what he does. He goes into family restaurants, movie theatres, and waits for boys in a bathroom stall. Investigators say that he shuts off the water to the child-level urinal and puts in a cup in the bottom and then told police that he leaves the stall after the child leaves, goes back, retrieves the cup, and drinks the urine.

LD: That’s just so messed up man.
DF: So Patton told police it makes him sick but it’s almost spiritual he allegedly added because �I like it because it makes me closer to them, I’m drinking their youth.’
LD: That just scares the living Christ out of me.
DF: Dude it’s so disgusting, the people in this world. I hope Ohio can just kill him.
LD: Do you think it’s a mental disorder or how do you explain that?
DF: Well I love jail justice, because when see, there’s like a comraderie, an unwritten law.
LD: Like he’s going to get what he deserves in there.
DF: Yeah, I mean, cause you know they accept murders and stuff like that, but anyone messes with children in any way, they are going down. They are getting shanked. So there you go, I just thought I’d share that story with everyone because it is pretty out there.

03/01/2006 Transcript: Bring Punjab Tom

David Fox plays a parody song about the Dubai Ports World deal to take over the United States’ ports. The song, set to the tune of the Backstreet Boys’ “Backstreet’s Back” and titled “Dubai’s Back Alright” features numerous racist stereotypes about Arabs that draws connections between all Arabs and Al Qaida as well as portraying Arabs in a sterotypical way through offensive accents. Among the offensive lines are “Hello Al Qaida we’ll let you in, so bring your guns and bombs,” “bring Punjab Tom,” and “They could hire Americans to guard their own ports, but instead they are going to hire Arabs? That doesn’t even make sense to me”

David Fox: Pretty funny right?
Lukas D: That’s classic.

03/06/2006 Transcript: Everyone in this movie wants to bump uglies

David Fox: I’m looking at this, now this isn’t a sneak preview, you get to go see this pic absolutely free during its run of its engagement at either Studio 28 or Celebration Cinema North or South. It’s got today’s hottest Hollywood people in it, the young cast. It’s called She’s the Man and it looks like everyone in this movie wants to bump uglies but they are having a problem figuring out who’s who, so this looks like it is going to be pretty funny.

03/06/2006 Transcript: Make you a pimp

David Fox: I’ve got Girls Gone Wild prize pack for ya. Get that into your hands and that’s going to include a DVD, a soundtrack with the music that you heard from the videos, and a t-shirt and hat. Make you a pimp.

03/06/2006 Transcript: There were so many naked chicks there

David Fox: Buck Cherry, what’s up dude?
Keith Nelson: How you doing brother?
DF: Not too good!
KN: Sounds like you had a rough weekend man.
DF: Well, I’m the guy that is perpetually recovering from the night before. So yeah, I don’t know where this crazy rumor came from but someone the other day told me that you guys are cleaning up your act, clean and sober?
KN: You know we’re doing what we gotta do to keep the show on the road man. We’re still having a really good time on the road… we’re having a rock and roll experience out there.
DF: …probably a dream for most bands, which you guys did with 1999’s Woodstock, is to play in front of a half million people.
KN: It was crazy, there were so many naked chicks there. It was off the hook… we got out of there before all of the insanity.

DF: You weren’t out there burning the tents and the stages?
KN: I was burning some stuff but it wasn’t no tents…
KN: …this band has always been about the big middle finger to those whiny guys that just want to cry about their lives and stare at their shoes and not have a good time. It’s really about having a good time….
DF: Where’s Josh Todd the man behind the mic?
KN: Our lead vocal dude is probably on the phone with some other radio station somewhere, or you know, he’s face down in a pair of Brazilian strippers.
DF: That’s what I like to hear dude. As long as you guys are still living the lifestyle, that’s what it’s all about.
KN: You know, we only have this moment. We just got to seize it while we are here and I think applies to every walk of our life in everything we do. We’re just trying to have a good time and take you all with us.
DF: Are you guys hitched?
KN: Are you out of your mind?

DF: Here I am sitting here talking with Chris Cornell and they’ve all got their families on the road and separate buses.
KN: You don’t bring sand to the beach do you?
DF: Exactly…
DF: (introducing the song) This song right here has gotten more response.
KN: It’s a love song.
DF: Something for the whole family man.

03/06/2006 Transcript: Great Lesbian Scene

David Fox: Now I was pretty shocked, especially because it has taken so long, but they are going to do a sequel to Basic Instinct 2. Now has anyone Sharon Stone doesn’t look like she did 16 years. Michael Douglas ain’t even it damn it. But I do got a Girls Gone Wild prize pack and I do remember watching the first time ever Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone, kissing that other girl, total tongues, man, it was awesome. Great lesbian scene. Let me tell you one thing here, what I’m looking for is who was her girlfriend? Who was the chick that drove that other Lotus? If you can give me her name and be caller twenty, not only do I got a brand new DVD from Girls Gone Wild, I got a hat, a t-shirt, a soundtrack, some stickers. Do you remember who that was? Sharon Stone’s girlfriend from Basic Instinct.

03/06/2006 Transcript: Unless she’s deaf, you ain’t knocking boots

Caller: Can you help me figure out the name of a song?

David Fox: Okay
Caller: It goes like, dah-nah-nah, I’m still dreaming of a west coast, dah-nah-nah, like that?
DF: Well, it don’t go anything like that, but it’s called Santa Monica.
Caller: Santa Monica? Who sings that?
DF: That’s Everclear. Just tell me you never serenaded a girl.
Caller: No, I never have. That’s why I just figured out the song.
DF: Unless she’s deaf, you ain’t knocking boots.

03/06/2006 Transcript: What Canadian singer boinked her

David Fox: Girls Gone Wild prize pack, we got a lot of cool stuff in there, I got some gear, it’s pretty sweet. You gotta answer something on this little honey right here, ‘That’s hot,’ Paris Hilton, what a slut. Wait, wait, this right here is from South Park, ‘Stupid, spoiled whore.’ So anyway, here’s the deal. Mixing in Paris who has absolutely nothing to do with music, but she is a girl, spoiled, who has gone wild. What Canadian singer boinked her? Now if you can tell me that, if you can tell me what Candaian singer knocked boots with Paris Hilton, you got yourself the prize pack.

03/06/2006 Transcript: She digs Girls Gone Wild with her boyfriend, awesome

David Fox: 97.9 WGRD, Grand Rapids Rock Alternative. What’s your name?
Caller: Amanda.
DF: Amanda, how old are you?
Caller: 21
DF: That’s pretty cool, great age.
Caller: Thank you.
DF: Did you just get sloshed on your birthday or what?
Caller: Actually, it was a weekend away in Chicago and I remember leaving and I remember being home on Sunday, but that’s about it.

DF: Alright, Paris Hilton, is a girl, who obviously is ‘stupid, spoiled, whore,’ what Canadian singer?
Caller: That would be the lead singer of Sum 41.
DF: Yup, that bumped uglies with her, well what’s his name?
Caller: He’s like 5’1, little blonde haired guy.
DF: Yeah, he is the lead singer of Sum 41, I’m going to give it to you, but I’ll give you his last name. It’s Wibly and his first name starts with a D.
Caller: Is it Derek?
DF: Yeah.
Caller: Yah! I’m a Nicole Richie fan.
DF: Are you really?

Caller: Awww, she’s f�in gorgeous.
DF: Really?
Caller: I love her, I read her book and she’s pretty stupid, but I like looking at her and I seriously have like every Girls Gone Wild video. Me and my boyfriend watch it all the time.
DF: Now that is hot.
Caller: I love the Girls Gone Wild Game. Wave money in those cute little bikinis, the pink ones that match. I told my boyfriend I was going to get those and try out for that show and like call my dad when I was drunk and they were trying to get me drunk and like free drinks and stuff and you get a free tshirt.
DF: (plays 15 second clip of Paris Hilton saying ‘that’s hot’) Damn, I got a migrane girl, congrats.
Caller: That’s hot.
DF: She was pretty cool. She digs Girls Gone Wild with her boyfriend, awesome. Paris Hilton, I’ve got that video, One Night in Paris, yes.

03/07/2006 Transcript: It’s Hard Out Here for a Gimp

David Fox: Did anyone catch the Oscars last week? Three Six Mafia walked away the Oscar, shocking everybody. In their Academy Award winning song, ‘it’s hard out here for a pimp,’ Three Six Mafia opened our eyes to the hardships and struggles that a pimp must endure. Now, following that success, Three Six Mafia have decided to contribute their ground-breaking work for the disenfranchised by recording a new song about the hardships and struggles that a gimp must endure. Right here is the world premiere, on 97.9 WGRD.

DF: (plays a song with explicit discussion of sex including: “got a couple using a strap-on me,” “at night his shaft gets bent,” “i’m wearing nipple clinchers,” “you hear me groaning, I hear you moaning,” “his leather pants don’t fit”)

DF: So what did you think? It’s the world premiere from Three Six Mafia, ‘it’s hard out here for a gimp.’ That’s right, that’s why I love my job.

03/08/2006 Transcript: We’ll keep you rabbits going

David Fox: Hello.
Caller: Buckcherry, my girlfriend can’t stop listening to it every time we f�k, so it can’t be nothing bad man.
DF: We’ll keep you rabbits going, alright?
Caller: Thank you man.
DF: Beat it! GRD.
Caller: Buckcherry.

DF: What’s your name?
Caller: This is Erin.
DF: I’m going to make it happen, I’ll get them in town here.
Caller: Please do, he seriously has the best voice that I have heard.
DF: You wanna do him don’t you?
Caller: Umm, yeah, it would be nice.
DF: You groupie.
Caller: I’m just kidding.
DF: Yeah right! See ya!

03/10/2006 Transcript: She was hot a few years ago

David Fox: Shirley Manson, she was hot a few years ago � and she still is. Holding up real nice. She must took it easy on the drugs and the booze, but uh, yeah. I had a good time with her at one point. We didn’t get crazy, but we did have quite a few drinks when she came to the Orbit Room a long time ago.

03/10/2006 Transcript: It’s the Nine Inch Nails ‘Beastiality’ version of ‘Closer’

David Fox: Can you believe there was a guy in Kalamazoo who made national attention for sleeping with a sheep? And he got caught! And the problem with this guy was that he didn’t care that he got caught, he was more upset, he says, ‘I’ll take any jail time that you want to give me.’ But the problem was, that when he got out of jail, they were going to put him on the sexual offenders list and he was like, naw, sexual offenders is human-to-human, not human-to-lamb. And then that fire chief, that battalion dude, from some other part of the country, and some young girl walked right out of her house and looked in her barn and there he was � going at it. 100% crazy to the bah-bah sheep baby. Damn. But I guess they say it’s the closest to a human, but my god you gotta be one sick pup to do that.

DF: But there you go, it’s the Nine Inch Nails ‘Beastiality’ version of ‘Closer’ off The Downward Spiral.

03/13/2006 Transcript: The ones that can sing about bitches and hoes

David Fox: Buckcherry, the ones that can sing about bitches and hoes and sex. These guys right here, they are starting a whole new generation of rock � that’s why they have been around for three, count ’em, uno, douce, trace weeks, on top with the countdown.

03/15/2006 Transcript: Swing over to the red light district on Division

Caller: I wanna hear some Mest.
David Fox: Alright, what’s your name?
Caller: Mike.

DF: You’re just driving around, you don’t have a destination?
Caller: No destination, just driving around bored out of my ass.
DF: What do you got, like, chick problems or something?
Caller: Yeah, there’s this girl, she’s driving me nuts, she’s crazy.
DF: Swing over to the red light district on Division, pick yourself up one, you will have a good time.
Caller: Alright man.
DF: You know it.

03/17/2006 Transcript: What good luck charm do hookers try to find

David Fox: Since it’s St. Patty’s Day I do have a joke for you. What good luck charm do hookers try to find on St. Patty’s Day? A ‘whore leaf clover!’ That’s funny!

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