John Raterink

John Raterink

John Raterink of Caledonia, Michigan is the chair of the Michigan chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a white supremacist organization active throughout the United States. Raterink is the primary organizer of the Council’s activities in Michigan while also managing merchandise sales for the national Council of Conservative Citizens. When not doing racist organizing, Raterink runs “a violin repair and servicing” business through the mail and via the eBay store called “Pilgrims Projects” which he advertises in the CofCC’s newspaper, the Citizen Informer.


  • Michigan Council of Conservative Citizens — Chair and Webmaster
  • National Council of Conservative Citizens — Raterink spoke at the 2006 Council of Conservative Citizens Conference in Louisville, Kentucky on “principles of survival and victory” and played his violin entertainment on the first night of the conference
  • National Alliance — Raterink has admitted to subscribing to that National Alliance’s newspaper (source ). The National Alliance was one of the largest and most active neo-Nazi organizations in the country.