Edgar Prince

Edgar Prince

Edgar Prince, who died in 1995, was the founder of Prince Automotive and was a major funder of the religious right both in Michigan and at the national level through the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation. Prince was a major supporter of the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family and was eulogized by Gary Bauer when he died who referred to Prince as his “mentor” (Scahill, Blackwater, Nation Books, 2007 p. 11).

Prince married Elsa (Zweip) Prince with whom he had several children including Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince, and Emilie Wierda.

Edgar Prince graduated from the University of Michigan and served in the United States Air Force (Scahill, p. 4).

Board / Leadership Positions

Notable Statements

  • “We find Holland [Michigan] a verty comfortable place to live… We have family here. We enjoy the recreational opportunities. We like the community’s heritage, which is based on the Dutch reputation for being neat, clean, orderly, and hard working. Their standard has always been excellence.” (Scahill, Blackwater, 2007, p. 4)