Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos (maiden name Prince) is married to Dick DeVos and is the daughter of Edgar and Elsa Prince. She has been involved in a variety of right-wing organizations and funds them through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.

In 2004, she was a Bush-Cheney “pioneer” raising over $100,000 for the campaign (source).

Board / Leadership Positions

  • Acton Institute, former Board of Directors
  • Advocates for School Choice, Board
  • American Council of Young Political Leaders, Board of Trustees, 1995 to present (source)
  • American Education Reform Council, Board of Directors, 2001
  • Choices for Children, Chairperson, 2001
  • Compass Arts, Board
  • Education Freedom Fund, Board of Directors, 1995 to present
  • Great Lakes Education Project, Chairperson, 2001
  • Michigan Republican State Committee, former Chairperson May 1996 to February 2000
  • Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan, 1992-1997
  • Restoring the American Dream PAC, Finance Co-chairperson, 2001

Notable Statements

  • “[M]y family is the largest single contributor of soft money to the national Republican party… I have decided, however, to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now, I simply concede the point. We expect to foster a conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues. We expect a return on our investment; we expect a good and honest government. Furthermore, we expect the Republican party to use the money to promote these policies, and yes, to win elections (source).”