White Voices of America

White Voices of America is a group in the Grand Haven area connected to the racist American Renaissance newspaper. White Voices of America is one of four “white activist clubs” listed on American Renaissance’s website to “help the cause of whites.” According to a flyer distributed by the group in 2005, the group seeks to united “fellow white kindered” to discuss problems facing “white America” including “affirmative action, immigration, our children’s schools, and economic issues.” Like American Renaissance, White Voices of America distinguishes itself from neo-nazi groups such as the National Socialist Movement or groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and avoids costumes and “overt” racism, with the flyer stating that members are not required to “shave their your head or wear a bed sheet and burn crosses,” suggesting a more strategic approach inline with that of the Council of Conservative Citizens. American Renaissance publishes “research” articles justifying eugenics, blaming all crime on people of color, and opposing immigration as an effort to “a literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration and the decline of civility.” On its website, American Renaissance has links to the Michigan-based Social Contract Press and the Council of Conservative Citizens. In fact, there is overlap on a national level between American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens, with Sam Francis ( former editor of the Council of Conservative Citizen’s Citizens Informer newspaper) occasionally speaking at American Renaissance conferences and publishing articles by American Renaissance writer Jared Taylor (source).

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