Social Contract Press

The Social Contract Press is an online bookstore, publishing house, and journal operated by anti-immigration by Petosky-based anti-immigration organizer John Tanton. The Social Contract publishes and distributes a wide-range of anti-immigration literature, including the racist novel The Camp of the Saints about an invasion of France by dark-skinned refugees from India described in the book as “monsters.” The Southern Poverty Law Center likens the book’s influence on the anti-immigration to that of The Turner Diaries on the white supremacist movement, with the two books being widely read in their respective circles.

The Social Contract journal is edited by Wayne Lutton, a member of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens advisory board (source). The journal has published articles by James Lubinskas of the racist American Renaissance, Brent Nelson of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Sam Francis, former editor of the Council of Conservative Citizens’ Citizens Informer newspaper.

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