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Until the death of its founder William Pierce in July of 2002, the National Alliance was one of the largest and most well-financed neo-Nazi/white supremacist organizations in the United States. The group had a fairly large membership base for a racist organization (1,400) and had considerable financial support through the sale of white power music on its Resistance Records label (source), however, once Pierce died the group engaged in significant infighting from which it has never recovered despite a series of actions in 2004. In April of 2005, a splinter group formed a new organization called National Vanguard, while the original group continues to function in some cities.

The founder of the National Alliance, William Pierce, a former associate of George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party as an editor of National Socialist World, formed the group in 1974 after splitting from the National Youth Alliance. During its high point, the National Alliance engaged in a number of varied outreach activities including the publishing of books, video games, music, and extensive public leafleting campaigns. Perhaps the most well-know of these efforts was William Pierce’s writing of the Turner Diaries, a novel about “the coming race war” that has been influential on the racist right and inspirational for many militia groups as well as Okalahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

The group’s ideology is clearly racist and white supremacist, with the group frequently distributing leaflets blaming African-Americans for crime, AIDS, and taking money from whites through the welfare system. According to the group’s membership application, they are open to any “white person of good character” and organize to maintain the “racial quality of our people. The group is opposed to any form of racial integration and boldly states that “no multi-racial society is a healthy society” According to the Anti-Defamation League, the National Alliance seeks the creation of “White Living Space,” an area that incorporates all of Europe, “the temperate zones of the Americas,” Australia, and the southern tip of Africa which will then be purged of all people of color. This will be enacted through a “strong, centralized government” that is “wholly committed to the service of [the white] race and subject to no non-Aryan influence.” One of this government’s tasks will be the implementation of “a long-term eugenics program involving at least the entire populations of Europe and America.” The group is also anti-Semetic and charges that the “Jewish control of the American mass media” is “more dangerous” to the white race than “plague, famine, economic collapse, even nuclear war.”

Activities in West Michigan / Michigan

  • In February of 2005, the National Alliance distributed flyers in West Michigan.
  • During 2004, the group was holding monthly meetings in the state of Michigan according to the National Alliance’s National Vanguard website.
  • In February of 2004, the National Alliance distributed flyers in West Michigan as part of their annual “Love Your Race” Valentine’s Day campaign.

Leaders, Members, and Others Associated with the Organization