Intercollegiate Studies Institute

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, founded in 1953 and based in Wilmington, Delaware, is a staple of the Old Right according to Media Transparency and organizes against what it sees as “leftist bias” in academia, with its president stating that:

“We must…provide resources and guidance to an elite which can take up anew the task of enculturation. >Through its journals, lectures, seminars, books and fellowships, this is what ISI has done successfully >for 36 years. The coming of age of such elites has provided the current leadership of the conservative >revival. But we should add a major new component to our strategy: the conservative movement is now >mature enough to sustain a counteroffensive on that last Leftist redoubt, the college campus…We are >now strong enough to establish a contemporary presence for conservatism on campus, and contest the Left >on its own turf. We plan to do this by greatly expanding the ISI field effort, its network of >campus-based programming.”

The organization provides fellowships to conservative students, funds and supports right-wing publications on college campuses, publishes academic journals, and promotes hiring conservative professors. It has been extensively funded by far right foundations.

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