Grove City College

Grove City College is a Christian liberal arts college located in Pennsylvania. According to its website, it “teaches and advocates free market economic theory” and practices these teachings by operating on a balanced budget and refusing federal aid and, according to its own literature, “exemplifies the American ideals of individual liberty and responsibility.” In the 1980s, the college filed a lawsuit arguing that it did not have to accept the responsibilities of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act if only some of its students received federal funding. When the Supreme Court ruled that its financial aid office was required to follow the provisions of Title IX, the college declared that it would no longer accept federal money in order to retain its “independence.” As such, the school does not allow students to accept any federal tuition assistance of any kind, including grants, loans, or scholarships. In 2007, The Princeton Review ranked the school second in a list of the top ten “most politically conservative colleges” in the country (source).