Freedom Alliance

Freedom Alliance is an organization founded by Oliver North to “advance the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense.” North serves as the organization’s honorary chairman with the organization working on a variety of issues supporting United States imperialism. The site regularly publishes columns supporting the occupation of Iraq, runs “Military Leadership Academies” as a vehicle for interesting youth in the military, and engages in a variety of “support the troops” efforts. According to Charity Navigator, Freedom Alliance spends almost as much on fundraising as it does on programs, a fact that is clear from their website where the organization’s annual Army-Navy Weekend and Freedom Concert receive prominent billing.

In addition to being known as a war criminal for his role in the Iran-Contra affair, North is a darling of the right-wing movement in the United States and is frequently heard in the media, especially in his most recent role as a commentator for Fox News. In 2004, North dismissed the Abu Ghraib prison abuse as “the kind of thing you would find on any college campus now days.” Freedom Alliance has been heavily promoted on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes Show by Sean Hanity who has praised North’s work.