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Focus on the Family, headed by James Dobson, is the largest religious right organization in the United States. The group promotes its message through numerous publications, radio programs, and websites. According for People for the American Way, Focus on the Family is against abortion and homosexuality and favors abstinence-only sex education while promoting other traditional religious right causes such as support for religious education through in-school prayer and vouchers for religious schools.


In 1988, Focus on the Family started developing state-level groups called Family Policy Councils that pushed for “pro-family” legislation in state legislatures. At the same time, it launched a public policy magazine called Citizen, a radio news featured called Family News in Focus, and in 1989 absorbed the Family Research Council, which was eventually grown by Gary Bauer into a leading Christian Right organization (Gilgoff, Jesus Machine).

In 1995, Focus on the Family launched the Focus on the Family Institute. The Institute is a summer program for college students and recent college graduates that gives trains young evangelical leaders. More than 200 students attend each year, taking classes such as Marriage Studies, Family Life Studies, Christian Worldview, and Family, Church, and Society. 80% of the students are female and half attend Christian colleges. (Gilgof

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Focus on the Family is funded by the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation, the DeWitt Families Conduit Foundation, the Cook Charitable Foundation, the Eagle Foundation, the C. John and Reva Miller Foundation, the Jack and Mary DeWitt Foundation, and the John and Judy Spolehof Foundation.

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