Family Resource Network

The Family Resource Network is most well-known for its TeenPact program which educates young Christians about the role of government in society and trains them to influence government from a Christian perspective. TeenPact holds seminars across the country for children as young as eight to train them in being effective advocates and political leaders. The sample homework on the TeenPact website has students learn how easy it is to write letters to governmental officials, identify their representatives, learn selected Bible verses, write a sample piece of legislation, familiarize themselves with their governor’s most recent “state of the state address” and other such tasks designed to make them aware of the government (source). Founder Tim Echols, a former leader in Campus Crusade for Christ, spoke in spring of 2006 to the Council for National Policy, an organization made of prominent members of the religious and economic right (source).

The organization’s website links to the religious right Concerned Women of America organization and the economic right Heritage Foundation.