European American Association

European American Association logo

The European American Association (EAA) formed in fall of 2006, describing its mission as “bringing unity & purpose to the cause of western renaissance” and is working to build “a new American nativist movement” in Michigan and the Midwest. The group claims to be building a “winning movement to secure the survival and continuity of Western civilization, its founding race, and a healthy future.” The movement of which the EAA speaks is clearly racist, with the EAA’s logo, pictured to the right, being a common symbol for “white pride” that is used by racist groups around the world. The symbol was first popularized by the Ku Klux Klan and has since been used by the National Front in England, the Stormfront racist community on the internet, and the racist band Skrewdriver. The EAA further argues that whites have a “genetic character worthy of preservation” while advancing the common myth on the racist right of the white race being under attack. The group’s website also links to publications produced by the racist American Renaissance organization.

Activities in West Michigan / Michigan

  • According to a prominent racist website, on April 7, 2007, the European American Association held an event in Lansing featuring Paul Fromm and John Nugent. Nugent is a frequent contributor to The Barnes Review, a publication that promotes holocaust denial.
  • The European American Association’s founding meeting was held in Lansing on November 4, 2006. The event featured Canadian neo-nazi Paul Fromm who has a long history of racist organizing in Canada. The European American Association extended an open invitation to “all white nationalists” and racists from around the state of Michigan, affiliated with groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens and the National Vanguard attending.