American Civil Rights Union

The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) was started as a conservative counter to the American Civil Liberties Union whom the ACRU accuses of ignoring or actively undermining the civil rights of certain segments of the population. The organization’s website prominently features links to what it calls “ACLU Outrages” that allegedly show the ACLU’s “liberal” bias. Apart from acting as a sort of “watchdog” of the ACLU, the American Civil Rights Union advances its own legal agenda focusing on the areas of “property rights,” “freedom of religion,” “equality under law,” “right to keep and bear arms,” and individual liberty and federalism. The ACRU regularly files Amicus Briefs in cases important to the right-wing in the United States and issues “legal opinions” as advisories to the media on cases ranging from the 2000 election results in Florida to opposing campaign finance reform laws. In addition, the organization’s “other resources” section clearly situates the organization on the far right, with links to religious right organizations including the Alliance Defense Fund, the Family Research Council, the Institute for Justice, and the Leadership Institute as well as economic right organizations including the Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation

Local Funding

The American Civil Rights Union has received funding from the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation.