We need many, many things (not including nightly chocolate-chip cookie
deliveries) to make this project work. Our little grassroots collective
normally operates without any money. Please collect, purchase, or donate any
of the following items; please let us know ahead of time if you mail
anything. Thank you!

Donations are tax-deductible (contact for more info).


  • paints
  • markers
  • spray paint
  • paint brushes
  • paint rollers
  • crayons
  • sidewalk chalk
  • scissors (reg & kid-safe)
  • glitter
  • glue (reg & hot)
  • nuts and bolts for stilt-making
[ top ]


  • hammers
  • wrenches
  • screwdrivers
  • power drills
  • saws (power and manual)
  • welding equipment
[ top ]


  • staple guns
  • scrap wood
  • buckets
  • scrap fabric (especially large pieces)
  • duct tape
  • flour
  • ropes
  • old shoe laces
  • old/irreparable bike tubes
  • good working sewing machines
  • heavy-duty exact-o-knives & blades
  • nails
  • acetate
  • staples
[ top ]


Donations are tax-deductible (contact for more info).

[ top ]


  • new and old bikes (adult and child)
  • bike parts (replacement tires, tubes, wheels, seats, chains, etc)
  • bike tubes
  • bike tools (spoke wrenches, chain poppers, pumps, patch kits)
  • bike lights and reflectors
  • helmets
  • bike locks
  • pegs
[ top ]


  • tents
  • sleeping bags
  • non-perishable food
  • sound system for warehouse
  • outdoor grill
  • cooking supplies
  • spices
  • nextel compatible cellular phones (pre-paid?)
  • sunscreen
  • all-natural bug spray
  • old hats/bathing suits/sunglasses/swim goggles
  • tarps
  • water bottles (it’s florida!)
  • water pitcher filters (pur and brita)
  • cooking knives (sharp)
  • blender
  • big cooking pot
[ top ]


  • 4-Head VCR
  • Video Camera
  • DSL-compatible computers & laptops
  • blank high quality vhs tapes
  • film: advantix, regular, polaroid
  • disposable cameras
  • toner for apple laser writer select
  • toner for hp deskjet 612c
  • fax machine
  • ethernet network hubs
  • video projector
  • ethernet network card for macintosh performa for 6400/200 power pc
  • additional memory for macintosh performa for 6400/200 power pc
  • pc-compatible zip drive
[ top ]


  • diesel cars of any kind (truck, van, wagon preferable in that order)
  • boats
  • kayaks/canoes/paddles/life vests
[ top ]


  • Housing (including tent and floor space) for visiting puppetistas.
  • Use of the kitchen of a church in downtown Lake Worth.
  • Garage or large porch to fix bikes in.
  • Office (desperately!)
  • Space for classes (we have kid’s dance classes scheduled so far)
  • Invitations for our puppet show to perform at your community group.
  • Meals (invite the Carnival crew to your house for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner during the next two months).
  • Spaces (any residential, commercial, or industrial spaces sitting empty for next 2-3 months)
[ top ]


  • Our own (commercial or industrial) space to work out of permanently.
[ top ]


We will give excess donations directly to grassroots groups organizing in Miami.

After the FTAA demonstrations, remaining donated supplies and equiptment will continue to be used in similar community projects by the Lake Worth Global Justice Group, and/or given to a puppet-build in another city.