Puppet/Carnival Ideas

Puppet and carnival ideas that have been suggested to us, divided by category:




From Miss FTAA:

Mister Rogers and his privatized neighborhood. Mr. Rogers scoops up all the
public services and resources in his globalist hands …it’s a wonderful day
in the FTAA neighborhood, a wonderful day in the FTAA neighborhood,won’t you
be mine, yes you’ll be mine?” And how sweet…..Sesame Street has been
transformed into an Export Processing Zone while Mr. Howell is privatizing
Gilligan’s Island. Ahhhhh…. the wonderful possibilities of the FTAA.

From Sandy Gears:

FTAA is the real trojan horse, in the form of a huge puppet of course. Trade
on the surface, but then the “ammunition” marches out of the horse with
characters or puppets representing different impacts of FTAA.

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From Jaden:

For those preparing for the Free Carnival Area of the Americas, lyrics (with a very rapid translation) from Brasil´s samba maestro chico buarque. It’s a song about carnival, as well as the context for the coming of samba and carnival, the history of the
expropriation and exasperation of the americas.

Vai passar
Francis Hime – Chico BuarqueM

Vai passar
Nessa avenida um samba popular
Cada paralelepípedo
Da velha cidade
Essa noite vai
Se arrepiar
Ao lembrar
Que aqui passaram sambas imortais
Que aqui sangraram pelos nossos pés

Que aqui sambaram nossos ancestrais

Num tempo
Página infeliz da nossa história
Passagem desbotada na memória
Das nossas novas gerações
A nossa pátria mãe tão distraída
Sem perceber que era subtraída

Em tenebrosas transações

Seus filhos
Erravam cegos pelo continente
Levavam pedras feito penitentes
Erguendo estranhas catedrais
E um dia, afinal
Tinham direito a uma legria fugaz
Uma ofegante epidemia

Que se chamava carnaval
O carnaval, o carnaval
(Vai passar)
Palmas pra ala dos barões famintos
O bloco dos napoleões retintos
E os pigmeus do bulevar
Meu Deus, vem olhar
Vem ver de perto uma cidade a cantar
A evolução da liberdade

Até o dia clarear

Ai, que vida boa, olerê
Ai, que vida boa, olará
O estandarte do sanatório geral vai passar
Ai, que vida boa, olerê
Ai, que vida boa, olará
O estandarte do sanatório geral
Vai passar

English Version:

vai passar

there will pass
in this avanue a samba popular
every pareleliped
of this ancient city

will sudder
to remember
that by here passed by imortal sambas
that here here we bled by our feet
that here sambaed (danced) our ancestors

un unhappy page in our history
passage erased in the memory

of our new genteracions
our mother land so distracted
without percieving that she was subtracted
in dark transactions

her children
wandered blind across the continent
lifted penitent stones

raising strange cathedrals
and one final day
they had a right to an fleeting happyness
a breathless epidemic
that we call
carnival, o carnival

(will pass by)
palmos for the famished barons

the block of painted napoleons
and the pygmies of the _________

god, come see
come see close up a city singing
the evolucion of liberty
until the day clears up

o what a beautiful life, hey
o what a beautiful life, hey

the banner of hte public sanitoriam will pass by
o what a beautiful life, hey
o what a beautiful life, hey
the banner of the public sanitoriam
will pass by

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