What is the FTAA?

Although nominally about trade, the anti-democratic treaty known as the Free
Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) aims to facilitate the flow of capital
(and jobs) overseas for large multinational corporations, paving the way for
the privatization and deregulation of public services including postal,
educational and energy. While the treaty will profoundly impact working
people and consumers in this country and 33 other nations, its negotiations
are held behind closed doors without public input or mass media coverage.
The FTAA Ministerial meets next in Miami this November 20 & 21. Come
participate in the unified struggle of people in South Florida (and
throughout the Western Hemisphere) whose jobs, economic rights, environment
and public services will be jeopardized by the proposed FTAA.

For more information, to get involved, to attend a free training, or to host
a speaker/presentation, please contact Stop FTAA Palm Beach Treasure Coast.

Also check out national FTAA organizing websites.