Interview with Robert Jensen

This interview with Robert Jensen is based upon his new book Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity. Media Mouse asks Professor Jensen a wide range of questions dealing with the impact that pornography has on men, how to analyze pornography through a media literacy lens, and what is the relationship between the anti-pornography movement and other social justice movements.


Starbucks Workers Union Press Conference

A press conference by the Starbucks Workers Union in East Grand Rapids, Michigan on charges of anit-union activity by Starbucks. Later that day the Union learned that Starbucks would settle the charges thereby requiring the company to admit wrongdoing by posting a notice in all of its “District 7” (Michigan and parts of Ohio) stores.

What do the Iraqis want?

A speech by Karen Henry at an “end the occupation” rally and march in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the speech, Ms. Henry explores why the majority of Iraqis want the United States to leave their country immediately.