Finding Aid

Over the years, MediaMouse has posted over 5,000 blog posts, 300 pages, numerous PDFs, and countless photographs, videos, and audio files.

To the best of our ability, all of the content has been moved to this website and redirects have been implemented to provide a seamless experience. However, some errors will likely still take place. If you are having issues finding a particular piece of content, here are some suggestions.

Use the Search Function

The search function (available in the right-hand menu bar) is the best way to find content on the site. There may be URLs that are broken, but if you search for what they reference, you should be able to find them.

Try Lower Case

Some links are broken because of case changes in the transition from the old site to this new website. This is especially true of images.

For example, on the post “WOOD Second Debate Coverage” the image link:


is broken. If you convert the last part of the link, “10-10_WOOD_gov_debate_1100.jpg” to lower case, it works:


Google Advanced Search

It is possible to search for missing content on Google as well. Try the “Advanced Search option” and in the “Site or domain” field, type “” (without the quotes, of course).