New Coalition Calls for Action Against Diesel Pollution in Michigan


A new coalition called the Alliance for Healthy Air is calling for the Michigan legislature to pass legislation that would crack down on diesel pollution.

The coalition says that diesel pollution from vehicles can be easily reduced by as much as 90% by retrofitting existing vehicles with pollution control technology. In order to advocate this goal, the coalition is asking that Michigan legislature set an example by retrofitting all state vehicles and is also calling on the City of Detroit to make a similar commitment. In addition, the group seeks a 70% reduction in diesel pollution by 2020.

Informing their work is research that shows that diesel pollution is a threat to public health. In a press release announcing the effort, the group writes that:

In Wayne County, the lifetime cancer risk from diesel pollution is 429 times greater than the Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptable cancer level of 1 in 1,000,000. The high particulate levels in Detroit have led to extremely high children’s asthma rates: one in five children in Detroit have asthma, and asthma hospitalizations for children are three times the statewide average. Wayne County’s risk factor is the highest in Michigan and ranks 80 out of 3,109 counties nationally.


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3 thoughts on “New Coalition Calls for Action Against Diesel Pollution in Michigan”

  1. This makes no sense at all, the diesel engines that are being produced under the 2010 emissions standards are actually cleaning the air, yes that’s right the exhaust from these engines is cleaner than the air they take in. Now there is an interesting chain of events. So environmentalist get off you high horse, it’s not the diesel engines that are polluting your air, it’s the big business, who have much more lobbying power than you….

  2. Several Michigan cities suffer more air pollution than most other places in our country, with Detroit consistently ranking in the Top Ten among cities with the worst air quality.

    Just look at how hard Detroit is hit by this pollution –

    Because cleaning up diesel pollution is so effective, there is no reason NOT to take the sensible measures with older vehicles that have been addressed with the higher standards of newer vehicles.

    If a simple filter can help clean our air by 90% – I am ALL FOR IT! Thank you Alliance for Healthy Air for tackling this issue!

    Let’s work together to clean it up. No one is being attacked here, rather this alliance would like to help pave the way for all vehicles to protect air quality while they operate.

    Keep on Trucking Alliance for Healthy Air, I support the retrofits and your focus on our health!

  3. Hi OTRDriver,

    You’re right – the newer diesel engines ARE dramatically cleaner, because they are all being built with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). So the Alliance for Healthy Air is actually as enthusiastic about new diesel engines as you are! Our only concern is that vehicles built prior to 2007 – when the new standards went into effect – can last a really long time. I believe the median life span is 29 years! Because these vehicles do not have the newest diesel emissions technology – the DPF – they’ll continue to pollute at extremely dangerous levels unless something is done. This is what the Alliance for Healthy Air is trying to do, in a constructive and productive way, with our campaign – to promote the use of DPFs, DOCs, anti-idling and other measures that can effectively reduce dangerous diesel emissions.

    Ryan Bodanyi

    Clean Water Action & Alliance for Healthy Air

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