Critical Mass Bike Ride this Friday


Critical Mass–a monthly bike ride promoting bicycle awareness–will take to the streets this Friday (May 29) in downtown Grand Rapids.

The rides have a long history in Grand Rapids going back nearly nine years, but in recent years, they have largely stagnated and been overshadowed by other events–such as the weekly Wednesday Night Bike Rides. However, there is still a place for a more politicized bike ride.

From the Facebook event:

For anyone who doesn’t know, Critical mass is a celebration of bicycle culture. On the last friday of every month a large sum of people get together on their bikes and ride through the city for a while (around an hour) the idea of a mass is that in numbers, we are strong, motorists yield to cyclists, and for one night a month we have free range of the streets.

Meet at Veterans Park on Fulton and Division, across from the library. It’s been too long since Grand Rapids has held a Mass, we need to show unfriendly drivers that they need to share the road.

Meet at 5:30pm at Veterans Park in downtown Grand Rapids.

There is also a Facebook group for Grand Rapids Critical Mass for those who would like to help organize and coordinate future rides.


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