State Website Tracks Michigan Stimulus Spending

Michigan Recovery Spending

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about the City of Grand Rapids stimulus tracker that allows people to see where money from the federal stimulus package is being spent.

Now, the State of Michigan is following suit with a new website that reports where stimulus money is being spent in the state. Thus far, $3.6 billion has come to the State of Michigan and it is expected that over the next two years that total will reach $7.5 billion.

Large allocations include:


  • More than $1 billion for roads, bridges, mass transit and airports.
  • $931 million for education.
  • $464 million additional for Medicaid.
  • $538 million to upgrade sewers and drinking water facilities.
  • $400 million in tax cuts for 3.7 million workers.
  • $242 million for weatherization programs.
  • One of the nicer features of the website is a map that allows visitors to track stimulus spending by county. For example, the Kent County map reports that $6.9 million has been designated for home weatherization in the county, $1.5 million for Community Services Block Grants, $854,366 to the Grand Rapids Housing Commission for improvements to public housing in the city, and $400,000 for Brownfield Redevelopment Grants.

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