Local/Michigan Headlines: Charter Schools Not Meeting Expectations; West Michigan School Districts Making Cuts

This is the first installment of a new daily feature on MediaMouse.org that will highlight interesting local and statewide news stories published elsewhere. If we missed anything worth noting, please feel free to post links in the comments section.

Prominent Republican Calls on Voorhees to Resign or be Fired – West Michigan Rising highlights a letter from former Kent County Republican Party/Committee Chairman Bob Eleveld who criticized current Chair Joanne Voorhees for deciding to cancel a planned speech by Utah Governor Jon Huntsman over his support for civil unions.

Thad McCotter Cosponsors Resolution to Declare 2010 the Year of the Bible – Michigan Liberal reports that Congressman Thaddeus McCotter from the eastside of Michigan has signed on as a co-sponsor for legislation that encourages President Obama to declare 2010 “The Year of the Bible.”

West Michigan school districts confront red ink totaling $58 millionThe Grand Rapids Press reports that school districts across West Michigan are being forced to make major cuts. In some cases, the only thing saving them from even worse cuts is money from President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill.

DeVoses find common ground with Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. – After Kent County Republican Party Chair Joanne Voorhees cancelled an appearance by Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Dick and Betsy DeVos stepped in to host an appearance by Huntsman in Grand Rapids. Many wondered why they would do that, given their families history of anti-gay politics (Betsy’s mother Elsa Prince has been a major contributor to bills restricting same-sex marriage). However, the Grand Rapids Press reports that Huntsman has been a major supporter of the DeVoses favor issue–giving parents vouchers to send their students to private schools.

Michigan charter schools fall short – An analysis by the Detroit Free Press has found that while charter schools offer “a wealth of choices for parents” they do not have higher test scores that other schools, nor have they spurred improvements in the state’s public schools. Both are common arguments made by charter school supporters.

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