Details of GVSU Drug Raid; Trial for Deputy who Shot Student Pushed Back


New details have come out about the shooting of Grand Valley State University (GVSU) student Derek Copp back in March. According to media reports, Copp was not the target of the warrant that led to the search and the shooting.

The Grand Rapids Press reports that in the months leading up to the shooting, WEMET investigators purchased small amounts of marijuana from Copp’s roommate three times. The police tried to buy marijuana from Copp’s roommate again on March 11–the day Copp was shot–but his roommate said that he would not be home and that they could pick it up from Copp instead.

When the police raided the apartment two hours later, they found an unspecified amount of marijuana. Media reports saying that officers confiscated six glass jars containing “suspected” marijuana, two Ziploc bags containing suspected marijuana, marijuana stems and seeds, and a digital scale.

Trial for Deputy who Shot Copp Delayed


Meanwhile, the trial for the Deputy who shot Derek Copp–Ryan Huizenga–has been delayed until August according to media reports. The Grand Rapids Press says that attorneys on both sides need time for further investigation.

Unlike Copp, who faces felony charges, Huizenga is being charged only with a misdemeanor. Huizenga remains employed after being returned to work in April.

As would be expected, Copp’s attorney publicly criticized the delay saying that prosecutors are showing “favoritism” towards Huizenga. The Grand Rapids Press also quoted the Michigan State Police’s lead investigator in the case who said that he was surprised by the length of the delay.

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