Green Grand Rapids “Actions” Meeting Next Week

Green Grand Rapids

Next week, the City of Grand Rapids is holding its third “Green Gathering” to update the 2002 city-wide Master Plan and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan with an emphasis on green initiatives.

You can find out a lot more about what has been done thus far on the City’s Green Grand Rapids website. There is a wealth of information relating to specific ideas and possibilities, some of which would be useful to review before next week’s meeting.

According to the City’s website, participants at the gathering will:

integrate the community’s ideas into a series of achievable plans. Citizens will be asked to identify partnering opportunities, funding strategies and prioritize the City’s work plan

In practice, this means that:

the public is invited to review three park special studies – Joe Taylor, Ball-Perkins and Butterworth Landfill – and three Grand River special studies – 201 Market Street, eastside riverwalk extension from the Blue Bridge to Wealthy St. and a “rapids” run on the Grand River. Future action then will be prioritized based on recommended strategies for Natural Systems, Greening, Parks and Recreation, Connections, the Grand River and Local Food.

The meeting is being held Wednesday, May 13 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Harrison Park Elementary. Harrison Park is located at 1440 Davis Ave NW.

A final meeting is being planned for this fall. Two meetings were held last year to generate ideas and discussion.

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