Silver Line Bus Millage Fails


The millage for the “Silver Line” bus rapid transit (BRT) system that was proposed by The Rapid was defeated yesterday. The proposal was defeated 52% to 47% overall, with Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids being the only cities to vote in support of it. Grandville, Walker, and Wyoming all voted against it.

The millage had decent bi-partisan support from various politicians and organizations, but in the end it didn’t have enough support from the voters. While the increase wouldn’t have taken effect until 2012, the millage’s supporters say it likely failed because of the current economic situation.

The Rapid needed the millage to secure $32 million in federal funding for the project. According to the Executive Director of The Rapid, the money may no longer come to Grand Rapids.

The Rapid can place the millage on the ballot next year if it wants, but at the current time its future is unknown.

Author: mediamouse

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