Michael Savage Barred from Entering U.K. over “Hate Speech”

Michael Savage

Conservative radio show host Michael Savage has been barred from entering the United Kingdom due to his “engaging in unacceptable behavior by seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence.”

Savage has been banned since October 2008, but the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary just released a list of sixteen people banned from entering the country. The list bans people who foster extremism and hatred according to the U.K. government. It includes the anti-gay Revered Fred Phelps, white supremacist Stephen Black, two Russian skinheads, and various Palestinian activists.

Michael Savage’s show can be heard in West Michigan. In the past, Savage has been the target of an organized campaign in the United States to target advertisers to pull ads from his show due to “hate speech.”

Savage has a long history of engaging in anti-Muslim, anti-gay, and anti-immigrant speech.

Author: mediamouse

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