GVSU Student Pleads “Not Guilty” to Charges


Grand Valley State University (GVSU) student Derek Copp who was shot by police during a drug investigation on March 11 and later charged with selling 3.3 grams (1/8th of an ounce) of marijuana to an undercover police officer plead not guilty to the felony charge of delivery or manufacture of marijuana.

In court yesterday, Copp entered the plea and asked for permission to contact Ottawa County Deputy Ryan Huizenga who shot Copp. Copp says that he wants to apologize to the officer for what has transpired since the shooting. According to media reports, Copp is “sorry the whole incident took place.”

It’s also worth noting that during the hearing, Copp said that he could not pass a drug test and admitted to smoking marijuana on April 14.

Copp’s supporters have planned another protest for tomorrow, April 24, at Rosa Parks Circle. The protest will begin at 1pm. According to the Facebook event for the protest, the organizers feel that Copp’s shooting is “enough punishment” for the charges he faces.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org