GRCC Board of Trustees Election May 5

Along with the transit millage and school board election, another important election coming up on May 5 is for the Grand Rapids Community College’s (GRCC) Board of Trustees

A video of a recent candidate forum is below:

It’s also worth noting that one candidate for the Board of Trustees is Roger Ryskamp, an anti-gay candidate who has been highly critical of GRCC’s efforts aimed at promoting LGBT equality and diversity. Ryskamp has also advocated for greater “moral standards” at GRCC and criticized the school’s so-called promotion of “promiscuity” through its theatre programs.


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1 thought on “GRCC Board of Trustees Election May 5”

  1. I keep reading the last sentence of this article and can’t make any sense of it. How exactly would a theatre program promote promiscuity? Can you please elucidate if possible?

    Also, do you have additional details about Ryskamp’s specific ideas about what exactly constitutes stronger “moral standards”? I’m almost afraid to ask, but if you have more info, I’d appreciate it.

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