Obama’s War Spending Request Could be Better Spent in Michigan

The National Priorities Project has released a new analysis showing that President Barack Obama’s recent request for $83.4 billion for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars could be better spent funding social programs in Michigan.

According to the analysis, $22,060,228,423 from Michigan has been spent thus far to finance the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama’s recent request will add $2,047,572,900 to that total (a long with another $40.3 million from Grand Rapids).

That $2 billion is enough to provide:

  • 769,874 people with health insurance for one year
  • 2,877,761 homes with renewable electricity for one year
  • 382,724 students with maximum Pell Grants ($5350)

To date, the cost of war that has been approved by Congress is $830.2 billion with $657.3 billion to Iraq and $172.9 billion to Afghanistan. The $77.1 billion from the supplemental request brings total war spending to $907.3 billion dollars since 2001.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org