Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?


A few weeks ago, we posted the War Resisters League’s annual chart that shows how much of federal tax money goes to pay for the military, today we are sharing another breakdown of tax spending from The National Priorities Project.

The National Priorities Project says that for every income tax dollar spent in 2008, 37.3 cents went towards military-related spending (military and military-related debt), while environment, energy and science-related spending split 2.8 cents.

For taxpayers in Michigan–who pay an average of $4,072 in federal income taxes–that money is spent in the following way:

  • Military $1,197
  • Health $867
  • Non-military Interest on Debt $485
  • Military Interest on Debt $322
  • Income Security & Labor $293
  • Housing & Community $155
  • Veterans’ Benefits $155
  • Food $147
  • Government $126
  • Education $122
  • Environment, Energy & Science $114
  • International Affairs $49
  • Transportation $41

As you can see, the majority goes for military spending–not meeting human needs.

Moreover, for those who criticize taxes from the right, taxes are at their lowest rates in decades, particularly for high income households.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org