State Police Conclude GVSU Shooting Investigation

Derek Copp

The Michigan State Police have concluded their investigation into the shooting of Derek Copp, an unarmed Grand Valley State University (GVSU) student last month.

According to media reports, the investigation–which was overseen by Lt. Curt Schram of the Michigan State Police–resulted in a report that is being given to Kalamazoo County prosecutor Jeffery Fink who will decide whether charges should be filed against the Ottawa County deputy that shot Copp.

The Kalamazoo County prosecutor expects to take several days to come to a decision on how he will proceed.

While the shooting occurred on March 11th during a drug investigation, police have said little about the circumstances around the shooting. They have admitted that Copp was unarmed, but have not identified the officer involved in the shooting nor have they said whether or not they found drugs at Copp’s apartment.

Author: mediamouse

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