GVSU Student Shot in Drug Investigation Returns to Class

GVSU Student Derek Copp has Returned to GVSU after begin Shot by Police

Today, Derek Copp–the Grand Valley State University (GVSU) student shot by police earlier this month–held a press conference at the college announcing his return to class.

As would be expected, Copp largely refused to comment on the specifics of his case and the ongoing investigation. His lawyer said that they are waiting for the results of the Michigan State Police investigation before commenting.

Instead, Copp focused his comments on his recovery, which he said is “going well.” He said that aside from occasional excruciating pain and difficulty breathing, he is now able to ease into his regular routine.

Copp–who described himself as “awake” and “aware” immediately following the shooting–outlined his injuries:

“Both of my ribs, front and back were fractured and punctured through my lung. And they took a corner chunk off my liver. And then the bullet kind of stuck in my muscles and skin where they had to remove it surgically–or not surgically–but with a knife.”

Copp wouldn’t say much about the protests surrounding his shooting, but he did say that he appreciated them.

Author: mediamouse

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