MI-OSHA Starbucks Trial Postponed

Starbucks Workers Union Michigan

From the Grand Rapids Starbucks Workers Union:

Starbucks has been granted a postponement for the trial that was to begin today [Monday].

This latest announcement comes a couple months after Starbucks settled charges with the National Labor Relations Board over a wrongful termination of an IWW Starbucks Workers Union member in Grand Rapids. In that settlement, the Board allowed Starbucks to forgo a trial by agreeing to rescind the write-ups and termination of Cole Dorsey, the IWW member.

Starbucks offered $3500 to withdraw all charges from the beginning.

The Union has always maintained the only solution is full and immediate reinstatement of Dorsey to his former position.

Although the NLRB agreed Starbucks violated the law they did not require reinstatement.

That marked the third time, in two years, Starbucks signed a settlement with the NLRB claiming they would end “anti-union intimidation in Grand Rapids.

After an independent investigation the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration also found that Dorsey was wrongfully terminated for filing a safety complaint.

That trial is slated to begin April 29, 2009 9 am.

In related news, the Starbucks Workers Union has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board after a pro-union barista in Chicago was laid-off following his attempt to speak with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.


Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org