Iraq War Protest this Weekend


Following up on a protest this past weekend, there is another protest planned Saturday against the Iraq War in Grand Rapids.

The information passed on from Facebook:

Iraq War Protest: 6th Anniversary Of The Occupation

03/21/09 – 12:00pm

Heartside Park

Cherry Street SW & Ionia Ave SW

Grand Rapids, MI

For six years, the war in Iraq has raged. It has cost nearly a million Iraqi lives and millions more have been forced from their homes. Meanwhile the war has cost billions of dollars while the U.S. economy crumbles. With all the talk of “stimulus” and “bailouts”, it doesn’t take much imagination to think of other ways this money could be used. Look around: schools are closing, people are sleeping on the streets, and unemployment rates are skyrocketing…

In 2006 and 2008, many of us voted for the Democrats because they promised to “end the war”. Many people hoped their vote would make the difference, but so far it hasn’t.

Recently, President Obama announced his plan to “end the war”. He says “combat brigades” will be removed from Iraq by August 2010. However, 30,000 to 55,000 U.S. troops will remain in the country indefinitely to “protect” U.S. interests and “advise” Iraqi forces. Many military representatives are suggesting that they could stay there years from that date.

It’s up to us to get them out sooner.

We cannot let another anniversary of this occupation pass quietly.

Bring friends, signs, banners, musical instruments, megaphones, etc.


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