Iraq War Protest Planned for Saturday in Grand Rapids

iraq war protest planned for saturday in downtown grand rapids

Since 2004, there have been annual protests commemorating the anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq and calling for an end to the ongoing occupation.

This year–in spite of Obama’s claims that he intends to “end the war”–a protest is planned to mark yet another year of bloodshed and continued occupation.

According to an event announcement on Facebook:

Iraq War Protest

Saturday, March 14

12pm – 3pm

Corner of Fulton and Division in Downtown Grand Rapids

There doesn’t seem to be any big organizing going on this year for the anniversary of the illegal U.S. occupation of Iraq, so it’s down to us to do something.

If you want to have your voice heard and let our leaders and fellow citizens know you’re against this heinous crime we call the “War On Terror” get out to the corner of Fulton and Division on Saturday, March 14 at noon. Bring signs, flags, noisemaking equipment, drums, ANYTHING (anything) that gets attention. Don’t let another year pass by quietly, stand up and exercise your rights.

This is OUR protest; everybody should have an equal part in creating it. So invite everybody you know, it doesn’t just have to be on Facebook. Put up flyers, call people, write letters, send secret messages in invisible ink, do anything you can to get as many people as possible out.

For information on past antiwar protests, you can check out a history of organizing against the Iraq War in Grand Rapids that was published previously on

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