Obameter Tracking Obama’s Campaign Promises

Obameter Measures Barack Obama's Campaign Promises

The St. Petersburg Times has launched an interesting new project that aims to keep track of how the Obama administration is fulfilling–or not fulfilling–its campaign promises.

The project–dubbed “The Obameter“–allows people to check in on the more than five-hundred promises that Obama made during the 2008 campaign. It has categorized them all by subject and provided written descriptions of what Obama promised.

It is evaluating the promises and placing them in six categories–“Promise Kept,” “Compromise,” “Promise Broken,” “Stalled,” “In The Works,” and “No Action”–based on what the administration has done. Thus far, Obama has kept 16 campaign promises, compromised on 7, and broken 2 promises, according to the project.

I don’t know the politics behind The St. Petersburg Times, but this is exactly the kind of things journalists–and the progressive left–should be doing.

Author: mediamouse

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