Ehlers: Votes Against Spending Bill, Ignores his own Projects

Ehlers Defends His Earmarks, Criticizes Others

I’m a little late on taking note of this article, but last Sunday’s Grand Rapids Press had another classic display of logic by Representative Vern Ehlers.

In an article titled “Congressmen Peter Hoekstra, Vernon Ehlers vote against spending bill with earmarks for their causesthe Grand Rapids Press reports that Vern Ehlers recently opposed a government spending bill because it was loaded with $410 billion in appropriations. Ehlers even called it irresponsible in a time of crisis.

Of course, the problem is that Ehlers inserted his own earmarks in the bill, even as he criticized others. Ehlers inserted $3.8 million in funding for a new Amtrak station in Grand Rapids, $500,000 for the Grand Rapids-based Our Community’s Children after-school program, and more than $300,000 for apple fire blight.

Ehlers defended the projects, describing them as “real good and real important.” And they probably are. The problem is that the other 8,500 projects also probably seem real good to their sponsoring legislators and their constituents.


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2 thoughts on “Ehlers: Votes Against Spending Bill, Ignores his own Projects”

  1. This is “fiscally responsible,” neoliberal conservatism at its finest. Ehlers and Hoekstra repeat the party line that government is the enemy, government is the problem, government spending is bad, government spending is wasteful, blah blah blah, but are willing to stick their hands in the public’s piggy bank when they need that funding for important projects.

    We DO need a new Amtrak station in GR; that after school program could UNDOUBTEDLY use more funding. I’m glad Vern got us that money. But he can’t have it both ways: he can’t simultaneously claim that big government is the enemy while securing earmarks for his constituents.

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