Ad Opposes Bay County Coal Power Plant

An environmental group opposing the construction of the largest of eight proposed coal power plants in Michigan has released a new commercial that is airing in the Midland / Bay City area.

The commercial, viewable below, calls for alternative sources of energy and asks that Governor Granholm hold to her promise of reviewing and limiting these new coal plants:

Permit Back on Track?

According to various news reports, the permit process for the 800-megawatt coal power plant in Bay County is back on track, with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) moving the permitting process along. A sixty-day public comment period begins today on the plant and public hearings are scheduled for April 14-15.

A recent article in the Bay City Times discussed the possibility of using carbon sequestration technology to limit emissions from the plant, but the so-called “clean coal” technology is unproven and it is not certain that the site would be able to make use of such technology, even if it did exist.

Currently, the plant is slated to be a supercritical pulverized clean coal plant. That means it will pollute less than traditional coal plants, but it is still far from being a “clean” energy source.

Opposition to Bay County Plant

MidlandCARES has been organizing opposition to the proposed plant and produced the commercial featured above. The group is organizing to promote healthy and sustainable renewable energy sources.

On its website, the organization has a collection of links critical of pulverized coal power plants. It argues that the coal power plant is unnecessary because of Michigan’s declining energy needs and the feasibility of renewable energy resources that do not contribute to global warming.


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