New Company to Provide Health Care in Michigan Prisons

Prison Health Services--An Oft-Criticized Company--Has Received A Contract To Provide Health Care In Michigan's Prisons

Following intensive criticism of Michigan’s prison health care system, a new provider–Prison Health Services–will take over in April. The company will provide health care to Michigan’s prisoners. The contract lasts for three years and is worth $326 million.

Michigan’s previous prison health care provider, Correctional Medical Services, was the subject of harsh criticism. However, critics have expressed disappointment that Michigan went with Prison Health Services, who they say has a worse reputation.

The company was the subject of a yearlong examination by The New York Times who found that Prison Health Services has faced lawsuits across the country:

“A yearlong examination of Prison Health by The New York Times reveals repeated instances of medical care that has been flawed and sometimes lethal. The company’s performance around the nation has provoked criticism from judges and sheriffs, lawsuits from inmates’ families and whistle-blowers, and condemnations by federal, state and local authorities. The company has paid millions of dollars in fines and settlements.”

Despite its problems, Prison Health Services provides health care to jails and prisons in twenty-four states.

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