The RNC 8 and the Criminalization of Activism

In the past, has covered the case of the RNC 8–eight organizers who coordinated logistics for the protests against the Republican National Convention (RNC) last year. Earlier this week, Twin Cities Indymedia conducted an interview with journalist Will Potter that looks at what the prosecution of the RNC 8 means for the future of political organizing in the United States and how it fits into the post-9/11 criminalization of dissent:

One of the RNC 8 was also featured today on Democracy Now, who talks about the government’s efforts to hold them responsible for property damage during the RNC despite the fact that the prosecution admits they did not engage in any of those acts. The case is heavily based on the testimony of informants, one of whom was recently arrested for unrelated charges of assault and burglary.

Author: mediamouse

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