DIRECTV Rejects Ad Critical of US Role in Israel’s Bombing of Gaza

The Washington-based US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation announced recently that a 30 second ad they created that exposes the US role in the Israeli bombing of Gaza was rejected by the satellite TV giant DIRECTV.

The organization’s web page stated, “This blatant act of censorship is preventing millions of U.S. households from learning the truth about our government’s crucial role in enabling Israel’s war on and siege of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

The ad is based on research conducted by the Campaign which says that:

“Israel carried out its aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip with U.S.-provided F16 fighter jets and Apache helicopter gunships. From 2001-2006, the United States provided Israel with more than $200 million in spare parts for its fighter jets and more than $100 million in spare parts for its helicopter gunships.”

The Campaign is calling on people to send messages to DIRECTV to pressure them to air this ad. In addition, the group is calling on the Obama administration to not provide more military aid to Israel. According to the Campaign, “the President is expected to ask for $2.775 billion in weapons for Israel in the budget he’ll be sending to Congress this year.”

Last Thursday, President Obama ignored pleas from human rights and religious groups to not speak at a Caterpillar plant in his home state of Illinois. There has been a decade long campaign against Caterpillar since the company supplies massive bulldozers to the Israeli military, which uses them to crush Palestinian homes and destroy crops.


Author: mediamouse

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