Looking to the Left on the Economic Crisis

Over the past few weeks, we’ve provided a fair amount of coverage of the economic stimulus bill, particularly looking at possible benefits to West Michigan and unneccessary tax breaks contained within the bill.

Unfortunately, our coverage has tended to be fairly uncritical of the rest of the bill, not asking big questions about what it means for the economy, what the nature of the economy is, and what other possibilities are to the current economic model. Sadly, this reflects the poverty of leftist thought in the United States–there has been relatively little substantive critique. The crisis–unprecendented in many ways–offers an opportunity to reimagine how the economy functions.

To encourage people to think beyond the simply passing the stimulus and then moving on, we’re posting two interviews with Robert Kuttner about Obama, the economic crisis, and the solutions that have been offered thus far. Kuttner’s ideas certainly aren’t perfect, but he offers some worthwhile comments.

Part 1 – Conservative Solutions to a Radical Crisis

Part 2 – What Obama Should Do


Author: mediamouse

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