Michigan to Receive about $7 Billion from Stimulus Bill, Numerous Projects Ready for Funds in Grand Rapids

$7 Billion to go to Michigan under Stimulus Bill, Projects in Grand Rapids Ready for Funding According to the Michigan Municipal League

With the passage of the stimulus over the weekend and the release of the text of the bill, a picture of how much money Michigan will receive is beginning to emerge.

According to an Associated Press article, Michigan will receive around $7 billion in stimulus funds. This includes $2.27 billion to Medicare, $2 billion to schools, $501 million for community services grants, $293 million for general state government, and $280 million for weatherization.

Michigan Infrastructure Projects Ready to Go

The Michigan Municipal League has released a list of infrastructure projects in Michigan that are ready for stimulus funds. According to the League, the projects “will create thousands of jobs, encourage business investments, reduce pollution and improve energy efficiency in communities with aging infrastructures.”

In Grand Rapids, these projects include:

  • $7.5 million to develop solar and wind energy projects at government buildings, employing 115 people.
  • A variety of road construction projects including $1.285 million to rebuild the Wealthy Street bridge over the Grand River, $2.2 million to redo Ionia between. Fulton and Fountain, and $850,000 to redo Sheldon from Highland to Delaware.
  • A $30 million amphitheatre at Millennium Park.
  • A number of projects aimed at improving the city’s water system.

In the Michigan Municipal League’s list, all of the projects include a cost and the number of jobs they will create.

For another list of projects that are ready for stimulus funds, see our previous coverage of the Stimulus Watch project.

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