Ehlers Votes Against Stimulus, Renews Call for Ineffective Tax Cuts

Vern Ehlers Voted Against the Economic Stimulus Bill and Renewed His Call for Ineffective Tax Cuts

On Friday, Grand Rapids area Representative Vern Ehlers–along with the entire Republican delegation in the US House of Representatives–voted against the economic stimulus bill.

As we have reported before, the bill is certainly not perfect, but Ehlers–as he did in opposing the initial version of the bill–continues to push for a bill that would provide tax cuts as a means of stimulating the economy along with other rehashed Republican talking points.

In a statement, Ehlers said:

“We need an economic stimulus that focuses more on immediate job creation, tax relief for small businesses, and putting money back into the pockets of Americans. The bill passed in the House today does not do enough to help taxpayers now, when they need it most. Most of the money in the bill will not even be spent this year.

Tax relief, which could go into effect immediately, and have a real impact on millions of Americans, is lacking in the bill.”

However, many economists have questioned the value of tax cuts as a means for stimulating the economy and have specifically criticized the tax cuts within the stimulus compromise bill. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities has published a number of pieces critical of tax cuts as stimulus.

It’s also worth noting, that while Ehlers was particularly harsh in challenging the cost of this bill and asking tough questions, he asked no such questions when he supported a similarly priced bailout of the nation’s financial sector.

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