UP Sulfide Mine on Hold

The Kennecott Minerals Eagle Project Sulfide Mine is on Hold

Buried within a 38-page assessment of mining company Rio Tinto’s fiscal performance is an announcement that the company has put plans to develop a controversial sulfide mine on hold. Rio Tinto–the parent company of Kennecott Eagle Minerals–says that the mine in Marquette County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been “deferred until market conditions recover.”

However, the company plans to continue efforts to obtain a permit and open the mine once the market improves:

“We are continuing to work on our permits, litigation, and engineering design so that when the opportunity presents itself we will be poised to evaluate economic conditions and our next steps.”

In response, Save The Wild UP–a group organizing against the mine–said:

“The Eagle permit application has been criticized by experts in the field as being ‘worthless’ and should be thrown out. The testimony given in the contested case against the Michigan DEQ and DNR proves that these agencies did not follow the law when evaluating and approving the mine permit. Thousands of citizens have signed petitions, written letters, and testified before the DEQ in efforts to bring attention to this project. Rio Tinto has not responded to the overwhelming public protest against Eagle project and remains isolated in London from these real issues surrounding Eagle.”

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org